Chapter 25

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Aaron's PoV

I am really excited to see the results. Jess has been working with one of the editors who also works at the studios. Apparently they should be finished today which is amazing considering we only filmed yesterday, I thought it would've taken longer. We are just waiting for a text from Jess to say they've finished so we can go to the studios and see what the video is like.

Adam has gone out in search of some equipment for his classes which he starts on Monday so I'm alone in the apartment. I don't mind because I'm quite enjoying the peace and quiet. I've managed to sort out the last of my things and already my room has a homely feeling. I'm now starting to feel like I can call this place home.

Jessica: The video is ready come to the studio Aaron will show you to the room we are in hope you guys like it

A buzz of excitement rushes through my body. Dumping a few things on my bed, I grab my jacket and make my way towards the studios. I'm pretty sure I can still remember the route. Ideas of what the video may look like circle through my mind. The boys and I set up a basic YouTube account last night when we got back from the studios but we are going to be cheeky and as Jess to take a picture of us for our profile picture.

I walk straight into someone instantly feeling guilty because I was so distracted in my own world. I look up to see Matt standing in front of me.

"I'm really sorry I didn't mean to walk into you."

"It's cool. Aaron isn't it?" I nod. Isaac explained to everyone about what happened with Matt and why they're talking again. Honestly I feel really bad for him because he was mislead and used.

"Yeah. I'm sorry but I've got to dash. Talk to you later though." Matt says goodbye as I carry on walking towards the studios. I spot Nathan so I jog until I've caught up with him.

We reach the studios in no time at all. Isaac and Adam are already there so Aaron shows us to the room where Jess is just like he did yesterday. He knocks on the door and another voice calls for us to enter so we do. Jess is say at a computer with another girl, Sean is say not far behind along with another man who we've never met before.

"Hey guys." Jess chimes. "Okay first things first, introductions. Guys you know Sean already. This is Olivia, she's been doing the editing and this is Joe, he's a contact and good friend of Sean's. He is also a manager for a record label." Our eyes widen as Jess say those words.

"I've been very impressed with your voices. When Sean called me I knew typo had to be good but you definitely have talent." Joe compliments us.

"Thank you so much. I'm Aaron, this is Adam, Nathan and Isaac."

"Let's watch the video!" Olivia laughs as she loads into onto the big screen so we can all see. My jaw drops as I watch it, the editing skills are amazing not to mention the way it was filmed. The girls really did a great job. Every now and then I glance over to Joe who is nod along with a massive smile on his face. I cannot believe there is a manager of a record label in the room watching a video of us sing and looking like he really enjoys it.

"What do you think?" Jess asks when the videos over.

"That was amazing thank you so much!" Isaac beams. The rest of us say similar comments.

"It was good. I think with a bit of help and the right songs you guys could go far. Could I hear you live?"

"Of course but our instruments are at home."

"We could sing without them. Au natural." Nathan laughs. Joe agrees so Nathan shuffles back in his seat and taps a rhythm on his chair.

"Give what you give girl, give what you give. Give what you give girl, give what you give." We all sing. I start singing the first verse while tapping my foot, my head bobbing along to the beat. Isaac and Adam do the same with massive smiles on their faces.

When we've finished singing 'What You Give' the four of us look at Joe. He remains silent, there is no expression on his face which is readable. Did he not like us?

"I have to make a phone call." Joe leaves the room leaving us not knowing what to think. He really liked us in the video it when he heard us live he changed. Are we that bad? I look at Isaac who shrugs his shoulders. I can tell that he is thinking the same as I am.

Isaac's PoV

Please like us. Please like us. Please like us. This is massive for us. We came in here expecting a video for our YouTube channel, our first video. We came in to a video and a record label manager. This is what we have dreamed of since we formed the band. Even when I was going through my bad phase I was still dreaming of making it big with the boys.

After what feels like hours of waiting Joe comes back in the room. Still there is no expression on his face.

"Are you still in schooling?" Joe asks us.

"We are." Adam answers pointing to Nathan, me and himself.

"When do you finish?"

"Our finals are in a few weeks."

"And what are your plans once you've finished?"

"We were going to focus on our music." Joe nods.

"Well how about this. You finish your finals, in the mean time keep making videos. Get your name out there on YouTube. Start to get a fan base. And I'll give you those weeks to strongly consider this offer of being signed to my record label. We have many artists signed. I will be your manager should you accept."

"How many other artists are you managing."

"Currently I have one main artist, The Vamps. They're a British band who are working their way up the ladder but I am looking for more artists and you are exactly what I'm looking for. Please go away and strongly consider this option. Here is my card and once you've finished made a decision call me." Joe hands a card to me as I'm the closest.

"Thank you so much."

"It's okay. The offer is there. Sean thank you for contacting me. I'm sure this is a decision I won't regret." Joe smiles before saying his goodbyes and leaving. Aaron, Nathan, Adam and I look at each other before going crazy. I can't believe that has just happened!

"Congratulations. Right let's get your YouTube channel set up completely then we can upload this video." Jess grabs her camera and tells us to stand in front of the white wall. "No just be you." She laughs. We look at each other in confusion before laughing purely because we have no idea what to do and we are so hyped up because of what's just happened. The camera goes off and Jess walks over to Olivia leaving us in a laughing mess.

When we've composed ourselves we sit back down and look at the screen. They'd uploaded the picture onto our YouTube and I have to admits it's a good picture. We are all relaxed and laughing some of us bent over slightly. It's a great natural looking picture. The video is uploading so we wait patiently.

"You should make a twitter account too." Sean tells us. "One band and an individual account each." Taking my phone out of my pocket turn my data on and open Twitter. I deactivated my old account because it was hacked and I never used it anyway.

"Shall we all just make new accounts and start from scratch?" Nathan suggests obviously directing the question to Adam and Aaron who agree.

"I'll make the band account." Jess says taking her phone out. We decide that it would be better to have the band name as the band account user name and for our individual accounts we use the band name followed by our name. "Okay it's all set up. I've used the same picture as your YouTube picture for your Twitter picture. I've put a picture I took of you guys as your header too but obviously feel free to change it."

"We are all set up." I cheer. I can't believe the way our luck has gone today. Of course there is a lot of consideration which comes to whether or not to agree to being signed but I'm pretty sure we can all agree that we would be stupid to turn down this opportunity.

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