#7. And So It Begins

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Mona felt a strange pain go through her heart when Brian walked away from her. It was like half of her soul was leaving with him

She watched as he disappeared out of the restaurant, then dropped on her chair, feeling as though someone had ripped her heart out

She sighed, saddened by Brian's departure. Her phone was still in her hand, and she hadn't realise that Kat had texted her back a while ago, so she replied to her text, and waited for the waiter to bring the food she asked him to bring from the table she had been sitting at before she moved over to where Brian was sitting. As she scrolled through her IG, the waiter finally brought her food, but unfortunately she had lost her appetite, which was weird cause she loved food

She ate a few pieces of her cake, but ended up asking for a doggy bag, before leaving out the restaurant. With the notes that Pac had dropped on the table, she paid for both their bills, seeing that Pac had put enough notes for her bill to be covered too

She picked up her shopping bags, but not before taking her backpack, and putting it on her back. Her mood was not the light hearted one that she had came into the restaurant with, she just wanted to get home, drop all these bags by the door, and crawl into her bed, with a bunch of snacks, and a few good movies

As she was driving back to her place, Kat called, cause Mona hadn't responded to her last text, and she was a little worried about her

"Hello" Mona answered after the third ring. Her phone was connected to the car's Bluetooth, so she could drive without a hassle

"Momo, ugahle?" She asked, concern laced in her voice
(Momo, you ait?)

"Ja, ja ke shap. Net ke lapile fela" she answered back, "Why?" She asked
(Yeah, yeah I'm okay. Just tired is all)

Kat knew that she was lying. She could hear it in Mona's voice, but she didn't want to pry, "Hai friend, beng' buza nje. And the shopping, how did it go?" She tried to start a different conversation then the one she had in her head
(No friend, I was just asking)

Mona sighed, thinking of Brian, but also trying to get her thoughts together as to why she felt the way she did about him, "E ne e le shap. Ke feditse, so ke jah hae as we speak. Ke tla'o phonela later ha ke fitlile" she tried to get off the phone with Kat
(It was ait. I'm done, so right now I'm just going home as we speak. I'll call you later when I'm at home)

Kat agreed, still not convinced that Mona was doing fine, but she clearly needed her space, so she made her promise to call, before hanging up

A few minutes later, she had gotten to her crib. Her shopping bags scattered near the door, and the pants she was wearing taken off near the stairs and left there

She went to her closet, got herself some track pants, then went downstairs to her theatre room

There were a few movies that she had wanted to watch, and this seemed like a better time than any to watch them

She scrolled through the movies that she had downloaded a couple weeks ago, and decided that watching Bad Dad Rehab would be her first choice

She scrolled through the movies that she had downloaded a couple weeks ago, and decided that watching Bad Dad Rehab would be her first choice

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