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Zendaya's point of view:
I woke up and yawned. Rubbing my eyes, I rolled off my side onto my back. It's morning already? Damn. Why am I so tired for no reason? I hate that. I ran my fingers through my hair and finally sat up. Once I sat up, I screamed. Trevor was standing at the foot of bed. The expression on his face was furious. He had his arms crossed, causing his muscles to bulge out. Okay, Daya. Focus. Wait. HE HAS MY PHONE!!!!
Zendaya- what the hell are you doing with my phone?
Trevor- what the hell are you doing with Justin?
My face twisted up in confusion. I got out of bed and went up to him.
Zendaya- what are you talking about?
Trevor- ya boy just texted you a dick pic and asked if you wanna hop on it to night. Spelling "tonight" number 2- N-I-T-E.
Zendaya- that dumbass. He can't quit.
Trevor- quit what?
Zendaya- look, we had a one night stand okay?
He looked furious and a tad hurt when i said that.
Zendaya- and I've been trying to dodge his ass, but he just won't quit. Like I don't understand. No means no.
Trevor- he's a guy, Zendaya. To us, "no" means "keep trying. You'll get there".
Zendaya- well thanks. I know that now. Why are you so mad about this?
Trevor- cause it's obvious he doesn't treat you the way you deserve. You're not some booty call, Zendaya.
Zendaya- I know that.
Trevor- well, let him know. I'm telling you. He's not gonna stop.
Zendaya- I've tried everything. What else can I do?
Trevor- ummm, block him?
Zendaya- I have. And I've changed my number three times. He's really trying.
Trevor- look, I know for a fact that if you show him that you got a man who looks like he can kick his ass, he'll move on. Only because his life depends on it.
Zendaya- great. Now I need to find a man.
Trevor- a big man. Tall, muscular and all that other crap.
Then I looked Trevor up and down. Tall. Strong. Intimidating at first glance. Hmmmm. I smiled. He looked at me funny.
Trevor- what?
Zendaya- you can be my man.
Trevor- again, what?
Zendaya- hey. You're using me as arm candy, I'm using you. Give and take.
Trevor- fine. I'm just surprised you asked.
Zendaya- why?
Trevor- well, as you know, I'm pretty high in New York City society.
Zendaya- I know, Oh Egotistical One. And?
Trevor- so whoever I date is big news.
Zendaya- what's your point?
Trevor- it's probably in the news already.
Zendaya- what!?
I said grabbing my phone from his hands.
Trevor- you didn't think I was just doing this to impress some friends, right?
Zendaya- I hoped. Oh my.
I found an article showing me and Trevor dancing last night. Damn, I'm hot! No! Focus, Daya.
Trevor- what? Don't tell me you have a boyfriend or something now, do you?
Zendaya- please. I just didn't expect it. This is real.

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