Let Her Go

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Here We Go Again

Chapter 28: Let Her Go

POV: Scorpius

I was staring up at the ceiling of my dormitory as I laid on my four-poster, the drapes shut to close myself away from the world outside. The dormitory has been hectic lately, mostly due to Potter's rage and chaotic manner. He'd taken it upon himself to destroy the dormitory, and Zabini and I had taken it upon ourselves to ignore him.

He was going through a rough time, Albus. I knew he needed someone to tell him to cool down and think rationally about everything, but there was just no talking to him. Not now, at least. Zabini had refused to get in the middle of it because, as he said, he didn't want to have a guilty conscience; he reckoned Potter needed to learn from his mistakes. Myself, on the other hand, am worried about my own problems to tackle his. Not that I wouldn't if he asked, but Potter was currently as unreasonable as when he started the affair with Ophelia De la Cruz. He hid from everyone, ignored everyone, and had taken up drinking heavily most nights since his breakup with Harper.

When it came to Harper, there I did feel a bit of remorse. She absolutely hates me now, truly, and everyone can see it. However, just as Albus has taken it upon himself to hide from questioning eyes, Nia has, too; which, of course, means that no one has found out exactly why she hates me and what's going on with her and Potter. Of course, no one's stupid. Everyone knows their relationship has ended, and horribly at that.

As bad as I feel for Harper, that is easily put aside when my mind processes everything that's been going on with Rose and I. Here, everything's grand. Rose is happy. Rose is in love. Rose...

Her eyes were wide. Rose Weasley was gawking at her Slytherin boyfriend with immense confusion, but also like he had lost his marbles. And because a tiny part of her figure he'd lost his mind, she took a step away from him to further inspect him.

Scorpius, in turn, stared back at her with full determination. He had been out of breath before, as he ran from the grounds to the castle just to look for her, but now had his lips pressed into a tight line, holding in his breath. His heart was beating away with anticipation, the nervous and afraid kind. He asked her something that he didn't think he'd ask her, not anytime soon, that was. But a part of him knew, a part of him knew it was always going to be her.

'Rose,' he called, not able to take her silence and wild gaze. 'Did...Did you hear me?'

The redheaded Gryffindor nodded slowly, taking another step away from him.


'And?' she repeated in a low voice. 'And what?'

He sighed, his ego felt like it took a curse. 'What do you think?'

'I think you're mad,' Rose said straightforwardly, her eyes not moving away from being extremely skeptical. 'Were you drinking before this?' She took a step to him, a tiny one, and sniffed him as if she expected to learn everything he'd done that day. She didn't smell the stench of alcohol, but she did catch that ghastly cigarette smell coming off his robes. She frowned. 'You're smoking now?'

Scorpius rolled his eyes at her. 'A puff from Albus' muggle sticks isn't going to make me mental, Weasley. Besides, that's not the point here so don't change the topic. I asked you a question.'

'Scorpius, I—'

The blonde wizard knelt down on one knee, promptly cutting off his girlfriend from what she was about to say. He extended a hand out for her to take, waiting, as well, for her to end the distance she added between them.

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