first day

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Urghh what's that noise I opened my eyes to see my alarm clock ringing that's when I got into the shower after that I started looking for something to wear I decided to wear a sweater with some jeans and my vans.
Emily what's taking you forever I heard my mom screaming from down stairs then I took my bag pack my iPhone and went down stairs.hey mom I say while kissing her cheek, hey sweetie how was your night she asked it was OK where is dad I asked
He went to work early today because he had a meeting she replied here she gave me a plate of bacon and eggs for breakfast.
I went out and saw mom already waiting for me in the car.the car ride was silent.
Hey Emily OMG babe I missed you Taylor said, girl it's been awhile Adriana said, hey I missed you both so much I replied that's when I noticed someone the guy was looking at me

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