Chapter 9.

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Suman's POV.

I clutched tightly on the gear and changed it with more force than required.

"That is not my head you know." Came the humour laced voice from beside me.

I decided to ignore him. Pink teddy for Pinky! And he had the audacity to make me chose it, I fumed and darted a glare outside my window.

To let him drive my car after this was out of the question. And now there he sat, grinning from ear to ear!

I ignored him for the remaining drive and as soon as I reached home snatched the bags from the back seat.

I saw him smile as he typed away on his mobile. No, of course he will not offer to carry the bags in.

Pompous jerk!.

Suddenly I had an idea. "My friend will, I am sure love this cake that I will bake." I said eyeing him as I waited for his response.

He gave me a bright smile as he glanced up from the mobile for a nanosecond. "That is good."


I got down from the car and slammed the door shut.

"Pinky says 'hi' to you." Shravan's voice rang out from behind me as he stepped out of the car.

That does not deserve a response!

I entered the house followed by him. Why is he still here? Why is he not going away?

"Oh Shravan! How are you?" Manju Mami asked, sounding pleased to see him.

I did not bother to hear his response and went straight away into the kitchen.

"So what flavour cake are we baking?"


"What are you doing in the kitchen, Mr. Lawyer?"

"Helping you bake a cake, Miss. Would be lawyer."

"You know?" I turned to face him in surprise.

I saw his face go serious and he shrugged looking away.

He knows! He knows I am studying to be a lawyer, like my mother.

And just like that, my anger towards him evaporated, once again.

"A mixed flavoured cake." I said quietly.

"Okay. So what should I do first?" Shravan asked eying the ingrediants lined on the counter sceptically.

I hid a smile. He was clueless how to make a cake and still he is taking the effort to help me.

Damn this guy! Why must he launch these confusing emotions in me? One minute I want to strangle him with my bare hands and the next he makes my heart all warm and fuzzy with his words and efforts.

Shravan's POV.

Mad. Yes she is full on crazy! I eyed the four batters in front of me.

"Sumo, are you sure you tnold me the right colours."

"Shravan stop asking lame questions and just add the colours."

Lame questions? Pink Pineapple, green strawberry , yellow chocolate and blue vanilla cake is her plan and I am the one being unreasonable?

Surprise element according to her! No one will guess what flavour they are taking a bite of till they actually sink their teeth into it.

Why would someone want to sink their teeth into a blue cake is another thing altogether of course

Cake was never before such a complicated business! Right from buying ingredients to baking to actually eating it, I mused to myself as I reached for the pink colour.

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