Chapter 7

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Dans POV
The sun shines through the curtains brighting the dull hospital room. The sun is bright and wakes me. Bright as Phil's smile. That thought in my brain causes my eyes to water. Where is Phil? I look outside the window from the bed and see that the sun is just rising, meaning it was only early.

I smile to myself. If it's only early that means there will be fewer nurses and doctors about giving my chance to find Phil. The smile widens as I think this. Still in pain, I swing my legs around the bed wincing as they hit the cold floor. With each step I take a deep breath and head to the door. When I reach the door, I extend my arm and grab hold of the handle. Wincing , I pull open the heavy hospital door. I surprise myself when it opens as I'm weaker then I was. I scan my eyes around the lobby. I was right not many people about. I turn and see what room number I was in. Room 579 ward 4.

I start to pace up and down the corridor peaking into the rooms not too much to make it noticeable. "I will find you Phil," I mutter to myself as quietly as I can trying not to draw attention to myself. I sigh when I reach room 500. I start to head back to my room looking down at the floor. "He's not here," I say again to myself.

"Who?" A voice behind me says. I jump slightly wincing as I turn around. There stands a different nurse. Her eyes are soft and gentle. She had short brown hair that's tied in a pony tail. Maybe she'll tell me where Phil is!

"A friend of mine, we were in a car crash and I can't find my friend." I say looking at her.

"Mr Philip Lester?" She asks me a smile on her face. A genuine smile compared to the other nurses. I nod to her and the smile just widens like she know where he is. My heart quickens in my chest. I'll be able to see him! "Ward 3 room 408." She points to the left and then walks off with a smile on her face.

"I'm coming Phil!" I mumble loudly to myself as I set off to search for my Phil. I smile is planted on my face. I don't even notice the pain as I start to walk quickly to were the nurse said.

Just as I'm about to reach room 408 nurses come up behind me. "Mr Howell this isn't your ward. Let us take you back," I turn my head to see it's the blonde nurse again.

"No please I need to see-" I'm cut off as more nurses help strap me to a bed. I start to struggle but I'm too weak. They start taking my back to my room. I tear forms in my eyes. "I need to see Phil" I say when they get me back to the hospital room. They leave without taking the straps off me. "What about the straps?" I say before the blonde leaves with the two other nurses.

"Oh mr Howell you need to keep them on as you keep getting out your bed when you have beeen told to stay here." She smiles and exits the room leaving me alone strapped to the bed. A sigh staring at the ceiling.

"Phil where are you, when I need you ?" I close my eyes as tears run down my cheeks making them warm. More just run down my cheeks as I think of Phil. "I love you... Phil..." I whisper to myself as the tears leave my cheeks stained as I couldn't wipe them. I let myself fall into a sleep thinking of Phil.

Phil's POV.
It's all dark. I can't see a thing. Where am I? I'm in so much pain. Then the memories come rushing back.

The suitcase on the ground. Dan laid on the floor full of cuts all over. Glass everywhere. Sirens. Then black.

I attempt to move. Pain rushes through my body. "DAN!" I scream. My eyes open suddenly. Pain rushes through me again. I wince at both the pain and the sun that shines in from the curtains. Did Dan survive? No Phil don't think like that. Of course he's alive. But where is he? Daniel James Howell where are you? All these thoughts come out of no where but it brings a tear to my eye.

I look around the room, with my eyes not my head, to see life support, and tubes everywhere. I try to move my neck but it's impossible. Once again I wince.
"Dan where are you?" The words come out of my mouth as a whisper. I stare up to the ceiling wondering where Dan could be. My heart pounds at the thought that he may not even have made the car crash. Maybe I failed him. Maybe it was my fault he didn't live. Tears start steaming down my face. That's when I realise I care for Dan. I care for him so much.
"Dan!" I scream muffled with sobs and tears. "I love you..." I whisper before I close my eyes, cheeks stained with tears and drift off to a sleep thinking about Dan. My Dan. My Daniel the spaniel...

A/N: I know this chapter is crap but I could think of anything to keep the story going.

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