Chapter Six

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There wasn't a proper response that Bill knew of that he felt would be appropriate to what Astrid had revealed to him

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There wasn't a proper response that Bill knew of that he felt would be appropriate to what Astrid had revealed to him. He had foolishly assumed that the woman of the painting was just mainly shy or perhaps afraid to speak to a stranger. Part of him had also initially thought that she had a strange voice that she figured he would judge her for. But it was none of those things and Bill felt like a total fool because he would never in a million years guess what was shown to him or rather what wasn't shown to him.

As Astrid's hand dropped from her face right into her lap, it was revealed that she was painted without a mouth. Even if she didn't want to speak, she was incapable of doing so. It left Bill in a state of shock as he just stared at her with a wide-eyed stance. It probably wasn't the best reaction as it didn't leave Astrid feeling any better about herself or the situation. In fact, shortly after she revealed her secret, she turned her head away from in probable shame. It was obvious that she was fairly self-conscious about it and Bill had probably just made things so much worse.

The communication barrier between them had just become ever wider and higher and Bill wasn't sure how they were going to get anywhere with simple yes or no questions. If she was, in fact, alive, it didn't make sense that her painting would be left incomplete. If anyone knew anything about magical portraits, the first thing they knew was it was not cheap to find a paint that worked to create an enchanted portrait. Mostly families with lots of money or institutions often were the ones that bought the paintings to hang in their homes, buildings or in schools.

And if someone was placing out all the money for a portrait, surely they wouldn't discard so close to completion, it was practically unheard of. Bill needed more answers, but he was going to have to word his questions carefully so that he could get answers from Astrid.

Placing his hands on his hips, he faced Astrid once more, even if she wasn't looking at him. "You said you're alive?" he called to her watching as she began nodding her head. "Like, you're actually alive? You're out here somewhere in this word?"

He pointed to the floor to motion that he meant somewhere outside of the painting, but as Astrid glanced over in his direction, she watched as she furrowed her brows together and shook her head to the latter question.

"But that doesn't make sense," Bill told her, " you not being out here. Your form is alive, you said yes to that. So you would have to be out in this world, that's how you were painted. How else-"

Immediately, Bill paused as he saw Astrid motioning for him to stop talking. As soon as he fell silent, she proceeded to point to herself and then point to the floor of the painting, waiting for him to try and put together what she was getting at. Bill didn't understand a bit of it, at least, what he had put together didn't really make sense within the context of the conversation.

"You like the floor?"

For a moment, it was like he could hear her thoughts and if he was correct, she probably called him "stupid" half a dozen times within a span of thirty seconds. She shook her head but made a second attempt as she pointed to herself again.

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