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Draco followed behind the ambulance to the hospital. It was a long 5 minute drive. The only thing on his mind was being able to see his son. He wanted to talk to him, comfort him and let him know that his father was here and would never leave. Draco pulled up to the hospital and handed his car over to the valet after he got his daughters out. Holding Avrils hand in his left and carrying Livelex with his left he quickly made his way through the entrance.

The ER waiting room was nearly empty for being a Friday evening.

"Uh my son Scorpius was brought in just a few seconds ago, last name Malfoy."

The security brought his finger down the list that showed up on the computer screen.

"Yes he is on the 3rd floor, just go to the reception desk when you get upstairs and they shall redirect you to where you need to go."

Draco nodded his hed before he waited for the security gaurd to beep him through. Draco headed to the stairwell ignoring the elevator and ran up the stairs to the fourth floor. Draco entered through the door and took a deep breath before he headed over to the Reception desk.

"I'm looking for my son, last name Malfoy."

The nurse began typing along on her computer. "Room 13" she said, pointing down the hall.

Draco nodded his head before we walked off down the hall. Opening the door he stepped through.  Hermione was sitting beside the bed staring at Scorpius who seemed as peaceful as he had been when he saw him back at the house.

"How is he doing?" Draco asked as he walked forward. Hermione looked up at Draco, for the first time he noticed she had been crying. Without a word he set Livelex to her feet and moved quickly to the bedside. "Scorpius, hey buddy." he said, a smile on his face, tears in his eyes. "Scorpius, come on wake up daddy wants you to wake up."

Hermione began crying again, her face buried in her sons chest. "Scorpius." She moaned.

Draco rose quickly to his feet and headed out of the room. "Some body help me please. My son isn't breathing."

A bustle of nurses and doctors headed towards the room before a doctor waved them off. Walking from behind the desk with a chart in his hands he looked at Draco.

"Sir, your son is dead."

Draco shook his head, his face pink. "No, that can't be you guys can bring him back. Go, make him better please."

"I'm sorry for your loss but your son was dead on arrival. His body core temperature suggests that he had been dead for atleast 2 hours before we arrived there was nothing that we could do."

Draco just looked at the doctor, before he took off running towards the loo. Locking the door behind himself he moved to hover over the porcelain as he vomited into the toilet. Getting to his feet he rinsed out his mouth with water from the tap.

He couldn't believe his son was dead, his sweet innocent son. He had barely got to live. It then dawned on Draco that he hadn't been there at all while his son was sick. Because of the love potion screwing everything apart with his marriage. Draco turned away to vomit again but did nothing but dry heave. He was disgusted with himself, the pain that Hermione had to go through single handedly because he wasn't there but with another woman. The pain his son had to go through with being sick and Draco not being there. It was unbearable. Draco looked at his reflection in the mirror and broke into tears. He couldn't bare to look at himself.

"My boy" he moaned before sinking to the floor.

Draco's mind turned dark as he began thinking about getting revenge to those who stole away his time that he could have had with his son, where he would have been comforting him and telling him that its okay because daddy was here. He wanted the worse to happen to them, he wanted blood shed. He made it priorty to grieve over the loss of his son with his family and then he would go and deal with those that stole the one thing he could never get back, time with his son.

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