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Warning: This story contains multiple mature content.

He pinned me up against the wall, took both my hands and put them above my head, tilted his head and said "What would you do if I fuck you right now?" I was gobsmacked, to say the least.

"Tell me Parveen, do you want to be fucked against the wall, or should I take you on the bed and have my way with you there?" Words wouldn't come out from my mouth. I couldn't form a sentence at all.

When I didn't say anything, he got impatient and told me "If you don't answer me, I'll have no choice but to rip your clothes off and take you right now. You know I'm capable of doing that, so don't test my patience Babygirl, and answer me."

I was panting. My mouth felt so dry, but I managed to whisper "Let me go."

His eyes never left mine. His penetrating gaze was frightening me, but at the same time turning me on. His body pressed on me, and I could actually feel his warmth.

"So, you're not going to give me an answer." He said.

Before I could say anything, he abruptly let go of my hands, and pressed his lips on mine. I couldn't even process what was happening. One minute he was pressing his body against me, and the next minute, he's pressing his lips on mine.

His kisses was so wild and full of hunger. My lips were paining, eyes were tearing, and I was getting breathless, but he wouldn't stop. After a few more minutes of that wonderful torture, he finally pulled away, leaving me gasping for air.

My chest was heaving and I didn't know what to say, or do. So I just stood there dumbfounded, staring into his intense, lustful eyes.

I wanted to run but I can't because my bloody legs chose to stick to Mother Earth at this very moment. And there is this awfully good-looking, licentious man that's standing too close to me which is also precluding me from doing so.

I finally gathered some valiance and pushed him away. He stumbled a little bit but didn't fall. Wow, I didn't know I was a robust woman.

I ran towards the door and I was about to escape from him, but he was way faster than me. He grabbed my arm and in a heartbeat, threw me over his shoulder, and walked out from his office. He took me to his room, and tossed me on the bed. His bed.

Before he could say or do anything, I mustered some courage and asked him "What do you want, Asher?"

"You. Beneath. Me." he answered

After saying that, he got on top of me. His legs were between my legs, his hands were pinning mine above my head, and his lips were merely an inch away from my lips. I could feel his girth at the apex of my thighs. I could feel his sweet, warm breath. I could smell his Prada aftershave which is intoxicating. How can some men smell so good? Especially Asher.

He then said, "I want to fuck you Parveen. So hard. So deep. I want you to scream my name while I'm fucking you senseless. I want you to cream my cock numerous time. I want to ruin you for another man. That's what I want."

"Mark my words Parveen, you are going to be thoroughly fucked by me, and it's going to be very rough because I am going to make you cum 5 times before I get my release. And you are going to take it. I know you can, and you will."

My eyes widened after he said those things to me. I should be very angry after what he said, but I wasn't. What's wrong with me? In fact, I'm turned on right now. And I'm wet! So wet. For him? I can't believe myself. I thought I could control my unwanted desires, but now I clearly can't.

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This is my first ever time writing a story. 

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Cover Credit: @YourWerewolfGeek

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