Mere Child's Play (Interlude)

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A couple days after returning from Wonderland I was speaking with Saix about my next assignment. I was to go to Neverland to aid someone called Captain Hook, he wanted revenge on someone named Peter Pan who many years ago fed his right hand to a crocodile, which is now replaced with a hook. I would want revenge as well after something like that. I couldn't even imagine the thought of one of my hands being gone. I could just imagine how  this Captain Hook feels. But in return he would help aid the organization toward Kingdom Hearts as much as he could. I knew that one day I would look back on all this and fee good about myself that I helped these Nobodies, empty shells of people who use to exist get hearts of their own from Kingdom Hearts, knowing that I did a good thing.

            But at the moment Saix and I were laughing of the current events that happened in Wonderland.

            "Yes," Saix chuckled. "I heard of the poor and yet quite humorous fate you gave the queen..."

            "Yeah, I know it wasn't part of the plan but I couldn't have her just keep Rix like that...and I know we still need her as well so..."

            "It was quite well done. Xemnas and I are impressed," he smiled. "You showed loyalty which is the most important qualities above power and strength."

            "I'm glad I did alright," I smiled. Right after that we both heard a loud booming noise. Saix and I both looked at each other wondering what it was. When we heard it again was when we decided to follow the noise, leading us to the lobby of the thirteenth floor. But as we hurried along  the long corridor we heard voices of a threatening and violent conversation that seemed to had already started.

            "How can you live with yourself knowing you were love with your sister?! Rix found that quite odd and it bothered her and it still does." I knew by that condescending and charming tone that it was Axel and going by context clue he wasn't speaking to anyone else but Ashtcher. "She knows that if your sister magically came back to life Rix knows she wouldn't be able to compete with your SISTER!"

            "I've given up trying to bring her back!" Ashtcher yelled. By then we had reached the threshold of the lobby, along with the others. Both of them had their weapons drawn and both of them already had scuffs and cuts on their faces. "And besides what are you gonna do  when Rix becomes needy? When you can't give her anything she wants? Nobodies are just that, Nobodies, no one cares about them, no one remembers them, no one will miss them when they're dead!"

            How could Ashtcher say such a thing? That is the most hurtful thing that could be said to anyone, regardless if they are an empty shell or not. In a way these Nobodies still have feelings, I think they are still connected to their real selves, in a way.

            Axel frowned the words Ashtcher said, not only was he hurt, but he was also angry. "You clearly have not learned anything from being here...Nobodies like us are not like the gray empty shells that are left behind! Look kid, we don't need to find again, don't be stupid, the last time we fought we almost brought Rix to tears."

            "Then I'll just have to kill you before she gets back...I'm not like I was before...a lot of memories came back to me when I was at Olympus...and I know what I need to fight for," he said as he pointed Fatal Crest at Axel. "You are an obstacle in my way."

            Axel smiled a very peculiar and snide smile as he twirled his twin chakrams. "And what if you do kill me and Rix decided to choose me? What will you do when she cries her heart out? She will hate you and never forgive you. You forget that Rix and I have a lot more history. I saved her from the home she hated so much."

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