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When the painstaking classes were finally over, I stalked out of the room, glinting in delight at the decent score I received for chemistry. I was really lucky to pass it, because most of the classmates flunked on it.

I stared at the grade stamped on my exam, flipping the pages over to see where I had gotten correct. While so, I used my peripheral vision to avoid bumping into other people. When I glanced up momentarily, I saw that senior, aka the asshole, leaning on the wall and playing with his phone.

Oh no.

I quickly snapped my eyes back to my papers when I passed him. While so, flashbacks of the fight between him and Edward were running through my mind. In fact, I remembered... he was actually there when Seb introduced me to the whole team when I went to their table.

My body was stiff, while something was tingling in my chest. I was... slightly involved, so I was sure he would recognize me as the girl who wordlessly stood there beside Edward.

Thank God, he didn't notice me.

I let out a huge breath when he was out of my radar. Walking to my locker, my memories switched to Edward and I when we were watching the other team playing basket. We were able to exchange some words, and although he was still upset, at least he was calmer than before. Of course, I also wouldn't forget the teases and hoots from my friends.

"You get a C on chemistry?" A voice suddenly came from beside me, scaring the living daylights out of me, but I was able to control myself from screaming. I instantly looked aside, noticing that Aly had appeared. She was placing her books on the locker, grabbing her charger and some folders along.

"Yup," I beamed, "it was like a dream."

"That's good, but I got a B," Aly stuck out her tongue, "haha, I beat you!"

I smiled timidly at her, "well, even though you managed to beat me in some subjects, y-you still have a long way to go. Biology, history-"

"I know I'm bad at those things... please don't go that far. It really hurts, especially coming from my bestie..." Aly extended a hand in front of my face, preventing me from saying more. At the mention of 'bestie', it somewhat induced a small but strange feeling of happiness inside.

"It's the truth though," I grinned, slightly poking fun at her.

"Please don't tease me, Rena... I know I'm bad at them," Aly pushed her lips forward to form a pout.

"Y-You tease me a lot too..." My voice grew fainter at my last words. When I was done organizing my things, both of us clicked the padlock shut. I proceeded to resume my walk with Aly.

"That's not teasing. That's encouragement, so that you and Edward will get closer," she winked at me as she looked up with pride, "all thanks to the great Alyssa."

I have no choice, but to agree, "yeah I know... and I'm trying..."

"I can see," she grinned, placing her arms on the back of her head, "I remember how you easily blush and stutter back when we were still kids. Sam and I used to find it really cute and call you Tomato."

"I-It's not cute," I lowered down my head, "it's annoying. Because of that, I can't look people straight in the eye and start a conversation properly, especially a-around Ed."

"You're actually improving, Rena," Aly convinced, "I think you're more braver to face people now. If this was years ago, you would have hidden behind me or Sam. Even if you still stutter, at least you talked more fluently. Look, you managed to interact with the basketball team without me around."

That's because Seb helped me. I thought inwardly.

"Don't put yourself down when you make a mistake, Rena," Aly began, "no one's perfect... I'm not either. I don't know if this will make you feel better, but my memorization skills sucked so much that I tend to fail biology. If you are still thinking about Florence's words, don't even bother because she can go screw herself. Remember, baby birds don't just fly, they fall."

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