The lovely lies

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"Unless you love, your life will flash by."

Nikki has been suffering abuse from her mother gone sadistic after her father's abrupt and sudden departure. Nikki refuses to let anyone get too close since no one can know the hidden and dangerous life she is forced to endure at home. No one gets inside this girls head and thats the way she likes it. 

Put Ty Anderson into the picture. The outcasted boy at school with a secret all his own that no one seems to know about. What certain secret is this boy exactly keeping? 

There is no denying the chemistry and pulls of attraction they feel for each other. Perfect? Not even close. 

Her mother forbids her from seeing Ty as well as her classmates and teachers who claim he is no good for her, but she refuses to let go of the one thing that is somehow keeping her sane. But as her mother turns more sadistic in the abuse and in turn to secure the safety of her spotless reputation offers Nikki a tempting deal that she may not be able to refuse. 

Meanwhile, while on top of things, pressures involving her best friend's own little secret causes negative feelings against her feelings for Ty to increase, will love really be able to conquer all?

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