Ravenclaw X Slytherin PT 2

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Ravenclaw POV
I sneak out of my common as I check the time. 9 pm. I run through the corridors, hiding round corners and almost miss the trick step on my way to the dungeons. When I get there I sit outside before a prefect notices me and starts walking in my direction. I look around the floor for something to distract him, staring at my wand hoping, by some miracle, that a spell will come into mind to help me rid myself of this pest. As he gains two steps I look at his tie. Crap! He's a Ravenclaw too! That means he'll recognize me...

I look around now desperate. I find a pebble and transfigure it into a tiny snake. I then proceed to set it on the poor prefect who then panics as it wraps itself around his leg.

Sorry but suffering from writer's block gonna make this into a book....

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