What a night (Donatello)LEMON

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"Are we cool?" Donatello asked for the 3rd time in one hour. We had been arguing about how both of us easily lost concentration and made each experiment fail. But it wasn't really my fault that his body caught my eye. 

"Yes." That didn't sound like I wanted it too. But it was enough.
"It doesn't sound like that." Apparently not. Don rose up from his chair and walked over me. I just crossed my arms and turned away. Thank god he didn't make me face him.
"Well, then I don't know how else to express myself" I scoffed and pouted silently. Why was I always so misunderstood by this guy?
"You're still mad"  He smirked out, and I didn't need to see that to know. The amount of time I had spent here made me get to know him more than any other person on earth. Probably.
"I'm not mad." There was a moment of silence
"I'm disappointed" 
"Disappointed?" I heard from behind me. My feet pushed away from the floor and the chair spun me around until I was facing him. He stood with one foot crossed over the other and arms crossed over his chest. His muscled caught me off guard again.
"Yeah. You heard me!" 
"What did I do?!" The eye contact broke for a second and his arms went from their place by his chest to resting on his hips.
"You blame me for every mistake when it's our fault the things exploded here" He took a deep breath, but didn't exhale right away. I turned my chair around to avoid looking at his well build body and mesmerizing eyes. 

"I'm sorry" He apologized, at last. 

"It's fine. I can't blame you for distracting me" I mumbled to myself but didn't expect him to hear me. Yet he did. Crap!  What do I do!?

"What was that?" I could already hear the smirk in his words. I cursed in my head and avoided to reply.
"I know you said something" I sensed him coming closer and tried to think of something to say. "Something about me" He turned my chair around and rested his hands on the sides. Our faces were inches apart at this point.
"Or to be a bit more clear - something about my body. Correct?" I could only force out a nod and look to the ground. A mad blush was spreading across my cheeks and he let out a chuckle at the sight. His gaze followed mine down to the ground along with his head, before looking back up. I looked up at his neck, and noticed it's masculinity. His pulse could bee seen on the right side with ever heartbeat. 
We made eye contact once again, and this time it wasn't tense at all. More like wanting. In my -opinion at least. I stared back in the same way and tilted my head to the side. My eyes switched from his eyes to lips back and forth and soon I noticed a copy of my actions. 

I decided to take things in to my own hands and leaned in 4 more inches. He tensed up and backed away slightly. My hand instantly reached out and rested on the back of his head. But then pushed him back to me. His breaths got faster and I slid my hand down to the side of his neck. My thumb caressed his jawbone slowly. 

He slowly melted in to the kiss and made me stand up form the chair. I stood up on my tip toes.
"Hold on a moment" He breathed out and put my arms around his neck before lifting me up and putting me on his high lab table. His lips instantly attacked my own once again and I held him closer. 
Things then got heated. 

A tongue slid over my bottom lip and I gladly accepted it. Our tongues fought for dominance until both of us got too tired. They touched each other, twirled around each other and explored each other's areas. I held on to his shoulder and placed my hand on his cheek, giving him one more heated kiss. The tip of our tongues touched once again.

Then he moved further down. I couldn't help but shiver when his warm breath hit the sensitive skin on my neck and chest. One of his hands cupped one of my breasts and the other one rested on my lower back. An airy moan escaped my lips along with another shiver. The smirk on his face was obvious. My breaths fastened, my heart pounded until I nearly though it would brake my chest in to pieces. His hand then went underneath my shirt and unclasped my bra before cupping my free chest. He massaged it gently and returned to my face. I grabbed his shoulders and deepened the kiss. His other hand then left my back and accompanied my lower region. One of his finger stroke me gently through my pants, and made me warm and wet underneath my panties. I moaned out quietly again and felt another shiver spread across my skin. 

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