Hi! This is the first story I have EVER written in my life!  I hope you enjoy it and give me honest feed back. No one in my family except my sister knows I've written this, so you guys are the only ones who can tell me if it sucks or if you love it. Ok enough babbling...ENJOY!

BTW this is a student/teacher relationship story! If your not into that type of story then feel free to exit, but please give it a chance before you push it away, who knows you may end up liking it. It would mean a great deal to me :)

Forbidden Euphoria

Chapter 1:

Rain drops pounded on the darkening asphalt as I walked home from work."This is just fabulous," I muttered sarcastically to myself as I tried using my purse as a makeshift umbrella. It's the middle of summer and raining. Mother Nature is one crazy lady if you asked me. After what seemed like forever, which was only about ten minutes, I came up to a familiar walk way that led to a familiar door. Finally home.

Lately I've been working a lot at Secondhand Melodies, the local thrift music store, and have been coming home super tired. Today was no exception. But I guess that comes with being a seventeen year old high school student. I mean I need money for college next year, clothes, hanging out with friends, and it probably didn't help that I had a slight shoe addiction. But what girl doesn't, right?

As soon as I kicked off my shoes I ran up the stairs to my room and slammed the door closed. My room isn't too big, but just the right size for me. Its dark purple walls and white trimming are welcoming. My queen size bed has a mixture of black, purple, and white bedding and a bed side table on each side of the bed. A desk on the opposite wall, vanity to the left and walk in closet on the right, my room wasn't anything special but its just perfect for me.

I yawned as I stripped to change into more comfortable clothing; all I wanted to do was crawl into my bed and sleep.

"Sophia! Is that you?" my mom, Elisabeth, yelled from the kitchen no doubt, as it was around lunchtime.

My mom is a single mother who works as a nurse at the local hospital. My dad, aka the sperm donor, walked out on us when my little brother, Jacob, was born and when I was only two. But even though my mom had to go through the experience in raising two kids on her own, her optimism never faltered.  She's always there when you need someone to talk to and you can't help but smile whenever you're around her. She's also the kind of woman you don't want to mess with it because she will go crazy on you. But other than that she's your everyday soccer mom who loves to cook, bake, and do all sorts of arts and crafts. Her idol is Martha Stewart, if that says anything.

"Yeah it's me!" I shouted back, flopping on my bed and closing my eyes hoping to relax for a while.

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