"Sleep" Over (smut)

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I lay on my side hugging dog. I listened to Yuri'e breathing, I assumed he fell asleep, because his breathing had a steady pace now. I shifted out of the blankets trying not to wake my dog.

I don't know, Im so interested him by him not to mention he was so adorable.  I walked over to the bed and tried to stifle a laugh, he even blushes in his sleep. I sat down on the bed my face hovering about three inches from his. He fluttered his eyes opened then quickly turned away and covered himself with the blanket. He's awake. I can't just pretend I wasn't watching him sleep.

Victor pulled off the blanket from Yuri's head. He cupped his face with one hand as he forced Yuri to look at him. Before Yuri could turn away he pulled him in for a kiss. It was sweet at first, until Victor licked Yuri's lips. Yuri moaned and Victor took the opportunity to slip his tongue in. He completely dominated over Yuri. Even though he was doing these dirty deeds he still seemed to look graceful.

He started trailing down butterfly kisses down Yuri's neck then he got to his shirt and Victor swiftly pulled it over his head. He started where he left off kissing down torso.

Yuri face was blushing and his eyes were half lidded and filled with lust. Victor looked up at him.

"You can't be to loud unless you want your whole family to wake up to delicious moans." Victor said with a smirk, then grounded against his hard cock.

"S-shut up-ahh." Yuri tried to stutter out, but Victor started to  suck on his collar bone while still rubbing circles into his thigh. 

"Hmmm, let's make a game the more you  moan the rougher you'll get it the less you moan gentler you'll get it ." He hummed. "And~ if you you moan ten or more times you'll get it so rough you won't be able to skate tomorrow let alone stand." He smirked deviously then Victor started to suck on his nipple earning another moan. "That's three already, seven more and you won't be able to get out of bed tomorrow morning."

Yuri bit his lip and covered his mouth. He was beet red and his eyes were filled with lust. Victor tugged on his waist band.

Victor started to suck on his right nipple and twisted and pulled his other one he pulled away and bit his ear sucking on the lobe. Yuri moaned a bit louder then bit his lip.

"Found your sweet spot." Victor smiled as he moved down his neck towards his hip bones leaving a trail of hickeys over his torso. He rubbed circles into his sides and sucked on his hip bone.

"May I?" Victor asked as he tugged at his waist band.  Not wanting to be pushy excluding all the dirty stuff he already did to Yuri when he first got here. Yuri nodded and Victor pulled off his pants and boxers at the same time tossing them off the bed. He didn't want to take the virginity of Yuri without consent. Virgin?

"Yuri are you still a virgin?" Victor asked slightly amused that this 23 year old man could be a virgin.

"B-bastard..." Yuri groaned.

Victor tugged Yuri's crotch and he moaned, because he was caught by surprised. "Six more" Victor smiled as he studied Yuri's erotic face. His boxers were painfully tight.

Victor leaned down to Yuri's crotch and licked the tip of his bonner before taking it fully into his mouth.  Yuri moaned overcome by pleasure. Victor hummed five against Yuri's member and Yuri moaned again. Four he hummed. Yuri bit his lip before he could moan again.

Victors head bobbed up and down as he swirled his tongue over Yuri's member.

"P-please I-I'm close... "Yuri tried to say steadily. Victor looked up and released  the member from his mouth.

"No not without me." Victor said smirking evilly. "Oh...what a shame I can't he hear your beautiful moans though" he said. Victor rested his finger tips on Yuri's lips. "Suck." He ordered and Yuri obeyed.

As he watched Yuri swirl his fingers around his mouth he couldn't help but think how beautiful that mouth would be on his cock. He pulled his fingers out of his mouth and placed his index finger in front of the pink hole.

"Are you sure you want to do this? It will hurt a it at first." Victor said. And Yuri nodded. He pushed his finger inside the tight hole moved around.

Yuri moaned. "Care~ful~" Victor said leaning towards Yuri's face.

"M-more..." Yuri groaned out. Victor added one more finger and Yuri bit his lip.

Victor added a third finger after a while then a fourth. He started to remove his own own boxers and he pulled out his fingers from Yuri's tightness. He positioned himself in front of Yuri and Yuri grabbed the pillow then covered his face. Victor pulled the pillow away.

"No I want to see your face when you come." Victor said hotly.

Victor slowly pushed into Yuri and he groaned. He was so tight. He went slow at first then picked up the pace. He was three away from getting it rough so he decided to be a tad bit gentler with him. He started thrusting in very hard and Yuri had to stifle a scream of pleasure. A feeling came to Yuri's stomach and he moaned again.

"V-Victor, ngh, I'm so c-close." Yuri managed to get out.

"It's okay I am to." Victor said in a strangled groan.

He started thrusting in faster than he already was. As they reached there climax together they came in a tangled moans. Victor pulled out and lay down next to Yuri as they tried to catch their breathes. He pulled Yuri close to his torso. They were sticky but they didn't feel like cleaning up. They could take a shower tomorrow. And they fell asleep in each other's arms.
Okay this was my first smut was it okay. While I was writing this I was blushing and fangirling so hard.

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