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•Chapter 28•

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Ganondorf roared so loudly, the windows shattered and my ears started to ring.

Link was back at my side and had propped me up on his shoulder. He was cringing at the sound and the bloody Master Sword was on the ground.

"N-NO!" Ganondorf rasped. "The great Ganondorf be defeated by!" He looked like he was going to say more but he suddenly gagged and threw up a bloody mess.

He raised his shaky hand towards Link, then fell face-first on the ground.

Link helped me up. I gripped his hand.

"Ganondorf." I whispered. "In the end, his power was too much for him. Pitiful man."

"Can you stand on your own?"

"Yeah. Thank you, Link."

Link let go of me slowly and walked over to get the Master Sword. He picked it up and wiped it off on Ganondorf's tunic.

Suddenly, the building started to shake. Rocks were falling from the ceiling and dust had fallen in my mouth.

"What's happening?" Link demanded.

"The building is collapsing!" Navi yelled.

"Ganondorf is using the last of his power to trap us and kill us." I said. I closed my eyes. I put the math together in my head, figuring out how much time we had. "Three minutes!"

I ran for the door, Link and Navi close behind. We slammed the door open to a red carpeted, curved staircase with stained glass along the walls. Flaming boulders were falling from the ceiling. As I ran, I heard Link cry out behind me.

A rock had scraped his arm. "I'm okay! Keep running!"

Suddenly, bars shot down in front of the door at the end of the staircase. I put my hands on it. They were stuck.

I raised my hands and the door started to glow purple. The bars shook then shot up. We ran forward.

We were running over a bridge that was over the circular entrance hall to Ganondorf's castle. Smoke was starting to fill my lungs. We were both coughing and Navi had long since slipped into Link's hat.

The exit was only a few feet away. So close....

Suddenly, the bridge gave out beneath me. I yelled as I began to fall. My hands grabbed onto the edge of the bridge to keep from falling.


Link turned. I was just barely hanging on. "Zelda!" He dashed forward and grabbed my hands. The ground was still rumbling. A huge rock fell from the ceiling and scraped my side. I cried out and lost my grip.

Link grunted as he became the only force holding me up.

Link began to pull me up as the bridge began to crack underneath us. He finally pulled me up to my feet and we dashed towards the exit. We ran outside just as I felt the fortress begin to collapse behind me. We turned around and watched as Ganondorf's castle completely fell to ruin. The towers collapsed and smoke and dust came billowing out in a huge cloud out of the exit. Soon, it was just a bunch of ruins.

I was panting. My side hurt. We were standing on a floating island over a lake of lava with a rainbow bridge that touched the shoreline.

"Hey. Are you okay?" Link asked.

"Yeah. It's just a scrape." My shirt was ripped along the side and there was a shallow cut with a teeny bit of blood. It had burn marks on it though and dirt had gotten in it.

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