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Justin Bieber

Ariana ran a hand through her hair, and took a deep breath.

What was stressing her out?


"Please, just don't be mad at me" she said softly.

I grab her chin, and make her look up, as my lips kiss her's softly. I pull away, and she smiles sadly.

"Never" I tell her.

"Ricky and I.."

I already didn't like this.

"Fuck, it's about you and fucktard"

"Justin, please listen to me"

So I do my best, for her.

"Ricky and I were together for 8 months"

"Yeah, I know" I say in a 'duh' tone.

"And I knew how it drove you crazy, I knew you had feelings for me.. I knew because I could see it everytime you looked in my eyes"

"And you're saying this all because?"

"I dated Ricky for two months.. then we sorta got tired of each other, but he promised to stay with me, to pretend to be with me, so I could make you jealous"

"What?" I ask her.

"I needed to get you to admit your feelings somehow!"

"Why didn't you just admit your's?, and then none of that would've happened!" I snapped a little, in frustration.

"Because I was scared, we were best friends, I was worried if it didn't work out.. where would we be after, or what if my gut feeling was wrong, and you didn't love me? I was scared."

"So was I!"

"And you kept this a secret for how long?" she asked.

Ah shit.

"Ever since you asked me to be your first kiss, about a year and a half ago"

Her eyes part.

"Justin! Couldn't you see that I was crazy about you, that's why I wanted you to be my first kiss! I wanted you to be my first everything, I just wanted you!" tears fill her eyes.

I feel like shit immediately, cuz I'm an idiot.

"Then we became even closer as best friends, and I was scared that was all we were meant to be, I mean I saw signs sometimes from you, but then you pushed me away, and made me feel like we were just friends"

"I didn't know" I said, tears leaked out of my own eyes.

"Neither did I" she said.

"And now?" I ask her.

"I want to be with you Justin, I want you all to myself, because I'm greedy" I smile, and wipe my eyes.

"I want to be with you too" I say.

"I'm waiting.."

I laugh, and kiss her lips.

"Ariana, will you be my girlfriend?"

"Why that's so unexpected? Really?" She pretends to be surprised.

I roll my eyes and give her a look.

"Yes baby, I'll be your girl" she grins.

"Good, now I can kiss you whenever I want" I smirk.

"What about right now?" She hints.

I lick my lips.

"Especially right now, you look so fine" I pull her into my lap, and kiss her hungrily.

She moans, and grabs my shirt, tugging it upwards. I let her pull it off, our lips disconnect briefly.

Before reattaching.

I grabbed the bottom of her tee shirt, and tugged it up. She groaned, as we pulled away, so I could pull it off.

I tossed it to the floor, and she suddenly pinned me against my mattress.

She crashed her lip on mine, moaning into my mouth, as she reached for my sweats. Or so I thought.

Her hand ran across my manhood, and my eyes rolled back. She gripped it, and rubbed it through my sweats.

I cried out for her touch, in a loud raspy groan.

I fucking wanted this.

With her.

She made me feel better than any girl I've ever been with.

That wasn't very many girls, but still.

I was so in love with her, oh my God.

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Sooooo smut or skip?? Idk, let me know! Hope you liked it! They finally said it, took them fucking long enough.. 🙄🙄



- Mack

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