Chapter Five

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Astrid was so intrigued by the man called Bill Weasley, he was quite the character as he passed out drunk on the floor before her

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Astrid was so intrigued by the man called Bill Weasley, he was quite the character as he passed out drunk on the floor before her. She wasn't sure what to make of it and since he didn't move for quite some time, she began to wonder if he had actually died. Since there was nothing she could do, she only found herself waiting by her frame for what felt like forever when she was suddenly greeted by the delightful sound of his snoring. As it echoed through the air with such a heavy presence, she had established more so that he was incredibly drunk, as if his "I Love Lucy" ramblings hadn't been a big enough for her.

And while he was an awkward soul in some ways, Astrid found him to be very entertaining. His little show reentering the place had helped smooth over the awkwardness from his streaking incident earlier. But she was sure that he had no recollection of that happening in his current state. His loud snoring continued to go on and Astrid wondered if he was actually comfortable sleeping on the floor, especially in the awkward position he had fallen into.

However, she received her answer, a short while later, when Bill awoke abruptly. She jumped but he didn't notice as he was up on his feet in a heartbeat, dashing out of the room at a mad speed. Astrid was left in alarm, wondering what had caused his sudden movements, but when she heard the sound of vomiting shortly after his departure, she was able to piece everything together. Someone had way too much to drink that evening and it was definitely coming back to haunt him.

Eventually, after having to hear him empty the contents of his stomach, Astrid settled back on her bed, waiting until Bill stumbled back into the living room. He looked absolutely miserable, one hand touching his head, the other resting over his stomach as he made his way over to the sofa. She could only watch as he fell face forward right into the sofa and remained still for a few moments. But finally, he turned his head to speak so she could hear him, rather than have his words muffled into the cushion.

"I'm a total lightweight if you haven't noticed," he said lightly. "I can't stomach a drink for the life of me. I think I get it from my dad, he can't even look at a drink without getting drunk and I definitely take after him. How pathetic is that?"

He let out a weak laugh but Astrid didn't answer him, leaving Bill to push himself up. There was part of him that thought she had gone to sleep, but as he sat up and pushed himself to sit on the coffee table, he could see her sitting directly across the way from him. She was merely watching him though as if she were studying him.

"So," he began, " do you drink?"

Astrid shook her head no, wondering if he was still plenty drunk if he was questioning if she was drinking inside of a portrait. But Bill seemed to answer the question on her mind as he waved his hands to get her attention.

"I know what you're thinking!" Bill sang in a loud voice, causing her to flinch. "Why would a painting be bothered with drinking, right? I'm right, right?"

She had to give it to him, she was confused but she was wondering if Bill was confused himself. But she nodded her head, curious as to what he was going to tell her.

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