The Racist Bitch vs The Adorable Cowboy

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"I'm about to fucking kill, you want that?" Zay is angry now and pushes Josh's chest, "I will because you're a fucking racist white bitch!"

Farkle holds Zay back as Josh laughs some more while saying, "Of course you're gonna murder me. Isn't that what you people do?"

Zay looks ready to fight but can't because of being held back by Farkle but I'm not being held back and I let my anger take over me completely.


"What the hell happened to you, baby?" Maya says with concern all over her face, lifting her head off Riley's shoulder when she sees me, "Oh my god."

I don't respond, just sit down in my usual spot on one of the cushioned stools in our corner of the bakery but Zay speaks for me, "He got in a fight with Josh at the gym."

Maya's concern turns to disappointment as her head falls back on Riley's shoulder. "I always tell you to not let him get to you, Lucas."

"What did he say this time?" Riley asks after Maya's words, "It was probably his fault."

I hold my bleeding jaw as I respond. "He kept calling you, Maya, a slut and was a racist asshole. I hate him so fucking much and I couldn't control myself."

"And now we're banned from that gym too," Farkle crosses his arms, "I'm never gonna get any muscles."

"You're perfect just the way you are, my little genius." Riley leans forward and taps Farkle's nose making him laugh a little, "I love you so so much."

Zay smiles at the two of them then focuses back on what we were talking about. "But really, Josh was being extra mean. I don't understand that jerk."

I nod my head in agreement. "Yeah, he was asking for this fight."

Rolling her beautiful blue eyes, Maya shakes her head. "Don't let him know you get angry. If you let people see your emotions, you're the loser."


"And he was trying to say that he knows like seven people who have hooked up with you but I know that's not true because you've only had sex with me and Zay and that's it and then he said all that racist shit and I lost it."

Maya takes a seat on me, straddling my lap. "He wanted you to get all pissed and fight him, that's what he wants and ya let him win, Ranger Rick."

"I couldn't help it," I sigh then wince in pain when she gently trails her fingers over the cut on my jawline, "But I won the fight. He was on the ground, not me."

"No, he won because he wanted you to get mad and you did. Don't give him that satisfaction. You're married to a master at hiding feelings and emotions, you should've learned a few things, baby."

I take in a deep breath then let it out in a sigh. "I'm sorry."

A kiss by my favorite pair of baby-soft, pink full lips is placed on my cheek. "Just please control yourself next time. I know it's hard, but please try."

My mind thinks of the best thing to say when I smile. "I'll need to set a good example for our babies next time so don't worry."

She switches up her position on my lap when I say that, moving her tiny body so she's sitting sideways on my lap and then rolling up her shirt. "I can't imagine myself pregnant."

"You'll be the cutest pregnant women ever," I place my hand on her flat stomach, "I can't wait for those days, baby. I won't even mind the mood swings."

"I haven't even said anything about wanting to get pregnant," Maya states, "I don't want you to get your hopes up, Huckleberry."

I slowly move my hands to her sides and then begin tickling her. "You want babies with me, you know you do, my beautiful little queen."

"Lucas.....................stop..........................Lucas," Maya says while laughing loudly and squirming out of my grip. She begins to run away from me but I chase her, "You'll never get me!"

"I've already got you and I'm so very lucky about that." I smile sweetly and my little blonde beauty stops in her tracks and then turns to face me

"You're so fucking adorable, cowboy." Maya walks into my open arms, "I hate how you make me feel but I love it more than anything at the same time."

My hands hold her tiny waist and I lift her up enough to kiss those perfect lips. "I'll give you a five second head start but then it's a tickle war."

And tickle war is what we did for the rest of the day, that is what mature adults do, isn't it?

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