The Racist Bitch vs The Adorable Cowboy

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It's been almost a week after arriving home from our short trip to Texas, which we might as well rename to be Sex-as with all the banging we did while there.

Right now, it's about eight in the morning and while Riley and Maya are having their girl time or whatever at the bakery owned by Topanga, I'm at the gym with the boys working out.

Well, I'm working out while Farkle is just sitting on the stationary bicycle, not pedalling or anything and Zay is sitting on a yoga ball, watching cartoons on the TV but either way, it's some guys time so it's all cool.

"Yeah, and then she hung up on me," Zay begins to close off the rant about some girl he has been banging, "That's what you get for catching feelings, man."

"Just get back with Vanessa," I roll my eyes, "I'm sure she loves you still."

Zay looks at me like I'm crazy. "Dude, are you stupid?! I ain't giving in like that, no! She broke my heart that night and I'm not going back, she's coming back to me."

Before I can say anything, the glow-up king and super genius known as Farkle Minkus speaks first with his arms crossed over his chest. "Then why don't you just stop banging girls and find yourself a real girl to love, Vanessa or not."

I nod in agreement with that. "Or guy to love. Ain't no homophobic stuff here."

"Well, if I could find anyone to love, I would, hopefully a girl though," Zay begins, "But I can't. All I'm known for is like one night stands with random girls but I want love, man."

Suddenly, another voice speaks, a voice I never like hearing. "No one could ever love you. That's the truth. People only see you as a one night stand because you're too hard to love. I thought that was obvious."

Farkle turns his head around to look at the asshole who's intruded our conversation and he angrily says, "Leave us alone, Josh. We don't wanna hear from you."

"I only speak the truth," Josh raises his hands in surrender, "And you little nerd can shut the hell up because I just came to work out."

"You know, you're a real asshole," Zay says, like he just realized that now, "How can you be apart of a family so caring and loving?"

"The second they took that little slut in, I wished I was apart of another family." Josh says and anger rages through me, knowing he's talking about my girl

"Shut the fuck up," I stand up and face the asshole, "Maya is not a slut and you're just jealous that she's mine and not yours."

Josh laughs at that, rolling his eyes. "She's probably banged that black one and freckle or whatever the hell the nerds name is. You know it."

When Zay says what he says, I facepalm myself and sigh at my friend. "Hey, she's only banged me a few times but she wasn't even dating Lucas so no, she's not a slut!"

"Oh, so it is true?" Josh smiles, "I knew it. I knew she had a thing for black guys."

Farkle stands up now with his arms crossed. "That's one guy, you racist bitch. You don't know what she has things for. Just leave us alone."

"It's not just one guy," Josh shakes his head, "I know like seven other guys who's been lucky enough to get a piece of her. Five of them are black. She got a thing. I don't know why though. That's disgusting."

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