Chapter 50: Fate?

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Zayn’s hand gripped the iron banister of his penthouse balcony. 103 stories up in the sky, a priceless view of the Northern Carolina coastline, and miles after miles of pure white sand stretched along the clear blue ocean, just meters from the Hotel’s front doors.

But he had no appreciation for the glorious view, as all that he could think about was Evelyn. He watched her like a hawk, slowly getting into the sleek black Bentley parked at the foot of the hotel, Harry gently helping her in. It was clear that she was still in pain from her little stunt barely 48 hours ago.

He let out a dark laugh.

She had only been conscious after over whole day of being unconscious. The moment she realizes that she could leave, she was like a child of Christmas day, eager to leave.

He tightened his grip on the iron bars that was holding him from tippling over the balcony, imprinting his finger prints onto the clear metal, denting it forever. “Do I really repulse her that much?” He muttered, his voice low, but his companion had no problems with hushed questions.

“No, you don’t repulse her nearly as much as you think. In fact, you don’t repulse her at all; she’s just scared of you, petrified. She despises you, with all her heart, but she isn’t repulsed by you.” Venice answered his question from inside the hotel room, her sightless eyes looking straight ahead at nothing in particular.

She took a slip of organic tea from an elegant little china cup.

“What’s the difference? Neither of them are good emotions, I’m under negative light either way.”

“That’s your problem you know, categorizing everything under bad and good, never looking at the opportunity differences between things. Maybe you had seen the chances you had with Evelyn instead of going out at full force to make sure you have her at your side, then you might have her heart by now.”

“What are you trying to say?”

Venice chuckled, her ageless face tinted with humour as she turned her face towards the man whom she once loved, and once loved her back. “Two thousand years, if I recall correctly, you were always very popular with the ladies back when we were humans, and I can only assume this talent had only magnified over time…” She laughed, but there were no humour without her tone. “And that hubris was your downfall, you may be immortal, but you are no exception to the laws of morality.”

“Two thousand years, I thought you would have lost your interest in talking like a philosopher, always so ambiguous and riddle-like. Just get to the point Venice.”

“You thought you could woo her with money and power didn’t you? Like you did with so many before her? I know you used my ring to see the future between you and Evelyn didn’t you?”

“Yes, I did.” He replied, his voice cold.

“What did you see?”

He flinched as the memories came flooding back. Evelyn and Harry’s car was driving off into the distance now. He watched with longing as it left, taking the only thing that mattered to him with it.

“It wasn’t a pretty future, wasn’t it?” Venice continued after a few moments, the words were more like a statement than a question, as she had seen the future herself… though not much were revealed from the flickering images, but she knew it was doomed. “I saw Evelyn screaming in pain, tear decorated her face, and blood was everywhere. A shattered vase and roses set on fire…”

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