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Stiles sat against the bedroom wall, a solitary tear sliding down his cheekbone and rippling over the medical tape. He sighed.

The word 'rejected' kept on singing in his head, teasing him. He felt like crap and he just wanted to hide in his room forever and never come out.

What he wouldn't give to not feel this way. What he wouldn't give not to feel this way for Derek Fucking Hale who had kissed him and then went on to reject him.

Maybe Derek was just teasing him? No. Derek was nice to him lately and he wasn't the type of person to pull a douchebag move like that.

He said it was a mistake. Kissing Stiles and making Stiles feel warmness in his stomach was a mistake, apparently.

You cant just play with peoples feelings like that! You can't just give them hope then take a shit on them after that. That was unfair to say the least, it was horrible.

But here he was. Rejected. Unwanted. Played.

"You seem upset." Said a voice on the other side of the wall. Stiles jumped, and found that he was leaning against a small hole in the wall, where the voice came from.

He looked in to see Lara sitting near the wall with a small smile, she waved with both of her hands- she was still wearing cuffs- and scooted closer.

"You wanna talk about it? I literally have all day." She said, quirking her eyebrows. She didn't seem like she was trying to manipulate him but Stiles still felt weary.

Stiles gave her a distrustful look. "You would tell people." He said, he sounded bitter and depressed.

Lara shrugged. "I've got no one to tell, besides I'll answer an extremely personal question and you'll tell me this secret, so in that way, we both have to keep it." That didn't sound like a bad idea.

He sighed wearily. "You first." He challenged, thinking she would ask him first.

"Sure, fire away." She stated.

"Your eyes, Tell me the story of how they were blue." He heard a sharp intake of breath on the other side. She was silent for a while and Stiles was thinking about dropping it, when she spoke quietly.

"My family were killed by Argents, not Allison or Chris but Kate and Gerard. I was running in the forest with my family after they blew our house apart, they were picking off the survivors one by one." She had to stop to compose herself. Stiles swore he heard a sniffle.

"My little sister, Molly. Her and I were running together, we thought we had a better chance because we were young, they wouldn't kill kids right?" She said, voice wobbly. "Wrong. Kate shot her down and I-I had to pick her up and find somewhere safe. When I did I held her as the wolfsbane slowly killed her and-and she knew she was dying so she asked me to make it easier for her, you know?" Stiles nodded to himself, he thought of Paige, which made him think of Derek, which made him feel another wave of sadness.

"Something I said?" Lara asked, composed already. This girl knew how to control her feelings.

"I'm gonna whisper so no one hears apart from you, okay?" He said nervous because if someone heard him, he'd die from embarrassment. He felt a little silly, Lara had told him a sad memory and In return he was talking about a silly kiss.

"Okay, sounds juicy." She said, leaning close.

"I was walking in the woods, looking for Derek." Stiles began, he could feel her smiling like she knew where this was going. "He was acting strange-"

"-What type of strange are we talking about here?" She asked, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.

"Like eyes red, fangs out and Alpha voice weird." He answered, irritated at her interruption.

"Oh. What happened?"

"He kissed me!" He whispered even quieter. Lara smiled at him and nodded to herself, she probably suspected this.

"I ship it." She muttered.

"What?" Stiles asked, confused.

"oh nothing. So what else happened?"

Stiles deflated, sad at the memory. "He said it was a mistake and he was sorry."

"Bullshit." She half-shouted, she then spoke quieter, aware of her voice. When she wasn't sour, she was rather dramatic and it reminded Stiles of himself. "Stiles, something propelled him to kiss you, that isn't the sort of thing you can take back."

"I guess you're right." stiles shrugged, not really believing her that much. He wanted to change the subject so he had asked her if she had eaten.

"No, I think they forgot to feed me." She laughed. "I'm starving."

"Let me get you something." He said, standing up and walking to the kitchen. That conversation made him feel alot better, Lara wasn't so bad.

The whole pack were in the kitchen in a heated discussion. Stiles ignored them- especially Derek -and started serving food on a plate after heating it up.

"Whatcha doing, mom?" Boyd asked, curious and also getting the attention of the pack apart from Derek, who looked down at the seemingly interesting table.

Yeah you better keep your head down you prick. Stiles thought to himself.

"Next time you kidnap someone, remember to feed them." Stiles said, scolding. Scott and Allison shared guilty looks, it was their job.

"Okay but don't talk to her, she's a bitch." Jackson muttered, helping Stiles put the food away.

"Lara's not that bad." Cora said which made everyone look at her questioningly. Peter wiggled his eyebrows. "What? She isn't. Ask Isaac."

Stiles went to the doorway where he could see Lara sitting on the bed, bored. He stood behind the line, cautious of going in. "Salas." He greeted.

"Stilinski." She smirked, patting a space next to her for him to sit.

Stiles hesitated but then concluded that she wouldn't kill him. He stepped towards her, handing her the plate which she took gratefully and started to eat a little awkwardly, her hands cuffed.

"So." She said in-between mouthfuls. "Why'd they call you 'mom'? A pack thing?" She asked, curious.

Stiles leaned his back on the wall, smiling a little. "Yeah, its a bit weird." He admitted.

"really? I think its cute." She mumbled, half done with her food. "I'd give anything to have a family again."

"Mom! Why are you in with her?!? She'll kill you!" Jackson half-shouted, pushing at the mountain ash. That kid seemed to materialize from thin air.

"No she wont." Lara grumbled, handing Stiles her empty plate and cutlery. "Thank you, your lasagne is great." She smiled before glaring at Jackson.

"Go before they put me on the damn cross." She joked, waving at Stiles. As soon as he crossed the line he was nearly suffocated in a hug by Jackson.



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