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"Ugh no I don't want to get up" Ray said showing his irritation
"Get up before I ban you from candy!" Ray's mom exclaimed. Ray instantly sat up not wanting to feel the wrath of no candy. "Good now get dressed we're going into town" His mom said in a sing-song voice.

Ray's thoughts:
Ugh I guess I'll get changed I can make mom buy me something in town.

With this in mind he grinned mischievously.

Time skip DUN DUN DUNNNNN...

When we finally got into town his mom just made Ray wait outside a shop for her to buy stuff.

Ray's thoughts:
What was that I swear it came from that alley I guess I'll just have to see for myself. Wait is this gonna be like horror movies were the main character stupidly goes and 'checks' out the noise? What am I thinking of course not that's only movies duh!

Ray's prediction was right he walked straight into what looked like a murder scene. His beautiful eyes widened at the scene before him. There was blood everywhere and a stone cold corpse on the floor. The boys eyes slowly slided upwards looking straight at the killer...

Haha cliffhanger bitches I know I know we all hate cliff hangers so do I but...I couldn't help myself I'm Sowwy 😘 anyway a bye next chapter soon!!!!!

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