While she had missed him, her Arthur, life had not been quite boring. She was able to go to the market in a town far enough away from Camelot, close to her childhood home actually.

While she scanned the items on the tables, her hood on, she couldn't help but think if her mother was alright, and what news she had been given. She missed her dearly, and decided that one day soon she would visit if it was possible, to tell her that she was fine, while stressed and worried, she was fine.

She eyed a necklace with a slightly above average jewel.

Quietly she asked the trader.

"How much for this?" She picked it up to show.

"A little more than you could afford looks like, but I might be able to lower the price. 10 gold."

She thought it over before nodding.

"Very well, a good price I suppose." She replied. She took out her coin purse and found enough, placing the coins in his hand, she saw in his eyes how he couldn't wait to count his money at the end of the day.

For the rest of the morning, she felt slightly nauseous, but struggled through it. She bought some bread and potatoes to eat for dinner, hopefully Lancelot would be back tonight and he'd bring meat.

When she finished her shopping, she placed her things in the satchel on Thunder's saddle, and began to walk with him back into the woods.

When the sun was beginning to go down, Ana realized that Lancelot would not be returning this night, and she set up rabbit traps, just like how he showed her, around the trees which held no birds so they wouldn't be scared off.

She walked back, feet aching, and started the fire inside the cabin and waited patiently until the sun was down to check the traps again. She was lucky this time, she caught a rabbit, a big fat one.

She apologized to it before preparing him and throwing it into a pot to make soup.

She was starving, but as she looked at the soup begin to boil, her stomach felt queasy, and she ran out the cabin to puke.

She didn't understand why she was feeling this way, she returned inside but couldn't stand the look of the dinner.

As she sat on the bed, she recalled one of the maids who was with child tell her experiences. How she felt horribly dizzy in the mornings, she couldn't stand the sights of certain food.

There was something else but that couldn't... but it did. It did happen the night before Arthur left and she sat there. Unsure what to do.

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