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It had not been easy, but Lexi arranged for her friends in Olympus to receive permission to attend her birthday party in the underworld. The fact that all the attendees were interested in joining the temporarily suspended legacy council was the most difficult aspect to justify, but as it happened, Poseidon convinced the council to grant all ten requests, acting at the behest of Odessa. Hades detested the idea of Lexi being in Poseidon's debt in any shape or form, and it was only the fact that Poseidon had become completely enamored with Odessa that Hades relaxed his vehement stance on the matter.

Seven weeks had passed since Lexi enlisted the help of the palace nymphs to prepare for the party, and the big day was finally upon them. Lexi had awoken to breakfast in bed in honor of her birthday, but the tray could not rest easily over her lap, having grown to accommodate the two gods sharing space inside her. Hades saw it as an opportunity to feed Lexi everything on her plate by hand. This was followed by a fragrant bath and full body massage, performed again by Hades with great relish. His fingers continually gravitated between her legs until she had achieved enough orgasms to carry her through the week.

Lexi had picked up maternity clothes on her last visit to Nova Scotia, but Blythe insisted on sewing a summer dress for her to wear on her birthday, so Lexi also picked up a modern sewing pattern. The fabric she bought in Olympus, purchased from Kade's daughter, Lisbon, who co-owned a shop with her sisters. She, too, had a knack for creating striking designs with fabric, but it was widely known that Lisbon's singing voice was her true gift.

Lisbon was on Lexi's guest list, and as Lexi pulled her daffodil yellow dress out of the wardrobe, she remembered the day Lisbon helped her choose the fabric. With very little prying, Lexi discovered Lisbon had not seen Hades in ten years, which occurred on a visit to the French Riviera. Lexi also learned that Lisbon had never been to the underworld, which was true for every god on Lexi's guest list, apart from Jules and Gunther, although they had not returned since the incident with the spear.

Blythe and Lacy helped Lexi slip into her dress, arranging it over her ample curves before accentuating it with silver drop earrings and a sapphire pendant Hades had purchased from the same Boston jeweler who made her engagement ring. The sapphire bracelet she received on her seventeenth birthday completed the look, and the nymphs outfitted her hair with dried lavender after arranging it into an elegant fall of ringlets.

"Gaia was truly inspired when she created you, my lady," Hades said as he stood in the doorway, one hand holding a goblet while the other rested on the frame. He had dressed himself in a white collared shirt and heather gray pants, and his usually tousled hair had been managed with a dollop of gel. True to his reputation, he resembled a devilish rogue, especially when his gold eyes twinkled with mischief. "I hope you will finally put your planning worries behind you and enjoy the fruits of your labor."

Lexi turned and offered a curtsy, taking care not to lose her balance from the added weight of her protruding belly. "The nymphs deserve most of the credit. Without them, I could not have managed half of it - the invitations, the menu, the decorations..."

"You mustn't forget your contributions, Lady Lexi," Lacy pointed out as she buckled Lexi's sandals. "You came up with the idea to have the guests participate in a scavenger hunt. I have no doubt everyone will enjoy themselves as they collect the treasure."

Lexi wished the nymph had not brought up the topic of the scavenger hunt, and she watched Hades' expression as Lacy spoke. The idea had come to her after weeks of thoughtful consideration, and she decided the hunt was the best way to give the young gods a taste of the underworld without making it seem like a history lesson. At least, that's how she viewed it. Hades saw it as a threat to the gods of Olympus. Correction, he knew the gods would see it as a threat. Of course, Lexi would never tell Hades her underlying reason for attempting to endear her friends to the underworld, and she would guard her secret until Hades figured it out for himself, if ever.

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