Chapter 13

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Marco sat up with a start and only slightly panicked until he saw Cay, curled up facing him, her head on his pillow.  He exhaled a great sigh of relief, wiped his face with his hand, trying to clear unpleasant thoughts from his mind.

She promised she would never leave you.  Learn to trust her.  She's already told you she loves you.  Have a little faith.  That's what the reasonable, sane part of his brain told him, but someone planted that doubt in him four years ago and that someone was going to explain to Marco and Cay why it was that he did what he did, and then...well...

He needed to feel the warmth of her body, he had to check and make sure that it was really Cay laying next to him, looking so completely edible, he had no choice but to sink his teeth into her.

Moving the sheet, Marco got in behind her and halfway laid on top of her, the heat from her body giving him the reassurance he so desperately needed.  She was really there.

He lowered his mouth, searing her from one shoulder to the other and all bare skin in between, with opened mouth kisses.  Feeling her stir and moan beneath him was like throwing gasoline on an already smoldering ember.

That plus his name falling from her tasty lips, made it sound like pure erotica as he moved down her beautifully defined back and up again.

"Marco" she whispered.  "Tell me what you need, bambina" his voice conveyed the same urgency as his body.  "Oh" she moaned again at his hand caressing her behind.  "I need you to make love to me, please.  Let me know last night was not just some crazy, wonderful dream."

Marco scooted down behind her, gently opening her legs, he pushed himself into her aroused sex, the minute she felt him there, her body clamped down on him, making him hiss.

"Cayanne if you don't stop doing that, its going to end quicker than it started" Marco said through gritted teeth.  He felt her body relax a little and that's when he started to move, amazed at how her body responded to his.

No one had ever made him feel the way she did, the way she smiled at him, the things she would say when he made love to her, the noises of pleasure...God, he just got harder thinking about it.

"Oh Cay" he groaned, his body building for release already.
He watched Cay slightly turn, her right hand grabbing his head, bringing his mouth to hers.

The way her mouth captured his, her tongue against his, tangled in pleasure as they delighted one another.  The heat that transferred from her into him, made him dizzy, gasping for precious air.

"Cay I can't hold on much longer" his pained voice rang out, as his hips rolled into her with quiet desperation.  "Then don't" she panted.  "Come with me babe."  He groaned and thickened, preparing to fill her with his seed while her body clutched his, their bodies shattered together.

Marco collapsed onto Cay's back as she let out a very satisfied sigh.  "Wake me up like that every morning" she chuckled while Marco placed more kisses on her back which is what led to their little sexcapade.

"Come on" he said.  "Let's shower, get Julian ready for school and I'll make breakfast" Marco said getting up and playfully swatting Cay on the ass.

"Mr. DeLuca" she huffed, playing back with him.   He blessed her with a sexy chuckle as well as the sight of his well-formed ass walking into the bathroom.

Just minutes after stepping into the shower, Cay joined him, looking gorgeously flushed and sweaty from sexing each other up. 

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