Introduction. Part 1

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13th October 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

It was the rugged yet handsome looking widowed father of my best friend Jack, that kept drawing my eye. It didn't matter where we were or who we were with.

It was like I knew that he was the one I would willingly share my life with despite the many obstacles between us like my friend, my age and my own father.

But he called me a feral. I was too ugly to tame, he said once or twice and I guess he must have been right. No one ever wanted to be around me except my friend, Jack.

But it hurt when he said that I was too ugly to love once when I came across him when he had been drinking. He yelled at me to scat and threw a rock at me after he suddenly bent and picked it up off the ground.

I ran. His aim is always good and this time was no different as I felt a sting rip across my cheek.

I ran into the woods not far from the house and hid behind a tree and cried. I lifted my hand up to my cheek to touch the cut that the rock made as it skimmed passed me after he threw it at me.

It stung a lot and when I touched it with my fingertips. I pulled them back and looked down as I still shuddered and gasped for breaths as I looked at the blood that I could see on my finger tips.

Not even my father cared very much for me either. Not that many people knew about it, or the occasional beatings I would get every now and again when my dad had one of his lady friends leave after meeting me.

It hurt. Nearly as much as how my dad treats me.

He  has always resented my existed ever since after knocking up a girl in school who then went and ran off afterwards abandoning us to live in the small town where we now live where everyone looked down on us because of it.

It wasn't my fault and I don't know why I was always to blame. But daddy always said that my mother only f*#%  him because his family were the richest in the state and thought she would get something out of it.

But his own father threatened to disown him if he had anything more to do with my mother. So he didn't. But it didn't stop her from dropping me off at his door after I was born one night and then ran off after ringing the door bell.

The housekeeper found me and took me inside. Life in my fathers house was all about appearances and if daddy or my grandfather rejected me after that, it would ruin their reputation. So they kept me even when they didn't want to.

And since they never cared about me or whatever I did, I was free to roam about all over the place with Jack who eventually joined me on my 'escapades'as his dad called them.

I fell in love with Jack's dad when he saved me once when I was a little kid and nearly got run over by a car once.

He became my hero. It's a pity he became my hell.

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