Chapter 11

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Khushi looked around.

"You want something?" Arnav promptly inquired.

"No," she raised the glass of water she was holding with a hesitant smile, "I am good."

"You sure?"


"Umm... okay."

She felt the need to nod to that, just to keep the air alive around her.

But a moment later, the air lulled back to its earlier stillness.

Another stretch of silence yawned between them.

God, this was getting embarrassing, Khushi cringed inwardly.

She pinned the awkwardness on to his tiredness.

As decided, she had come to his penthouse to meet him. As long as she touched base with him regularly, Akash bhaiya didn't keep a tab on her, but her membership in a nearby hotel was a good cover story if she was ever questioned. However, with her getting out of the house every day for wedding shopping and bhaiya being in his own world, she doubted it would come to that. 

But now she wasn't sure what she would even do with these escapades. Sitting here for the last half an hour with only awkward pleasantries to fill the silence, was making her edgy. After the whole night of tossing and turning in anticipation of this meeting, Arnav had greeted her at the door a genuine smile and red sleep laden eyes when she had arrived here at eight in the morning.

No, he hadn't just woken up, she was told, he had just come home after the night in the club. His regular working hours were from evening till morning.

Albeit long, Akash bhaiya maintained normal office hours and his clubs were taken care of by his staff late in the night and early in the morning. Khushi was amazed that Arnav stayed at the club the whole night and took care of business himself. She was reminded that nothing was handed over to him on a silver platter. He had worked for everything he has today. His hands-on approach was understandable, and commendable.

"If you want to sleep, you go do that. I'll come later," she offered.

"No, I am fine," Arnav replied, crinking his neck sideways.

"Are you sure?" she asked skeptically.

He stifled a yawn. "Absolutely."

This was getting ridiculous. He was visibly having difficulty keeping his eyes open but won't accept it.

"Really, I could just run to the market for a few hours and be back. It's no big deal."

"There won't be any market open at this hour."

Well, he had a point.

"I can go home and...."




She clamped her mouth shut in frustration.

Sitting up straight, he ordered, "Talk."

Wow, half-dead on his feet, and still bossy. "About what?"


"O...kay," she looked around for inspiration.

Arnav fought to keep his eyes open. He hadn't got any decent sleep in the last forty-eight hours, courtesy work and this girl sitting in front of him, but he would be damned if he gives in to sleep today, at this important hour when his big dream of having Khushi with him in his home has been realized. He took a deep breath and blinked a few times, hard.

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