Chapter 17 - Marcy

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Marcy's POV

Everything happened so fast that I didn't realize I was shifted until I was pushing Jake off of Sam. I didn't want to hurt him, and it probably wasn't possible to hurt him, but I had to protect Sam.

My wolf had taken control now, and so had Jake's for that matter. I snapped at his muzzle to try and get him to back down, but of course the alpha in him wasn't going to have that, especially to a small female omega like me.

Thinking about it, I really stood no chance against Jake and the only reason I had been able to get him off Sam was because it caught him off guard.

"Mar, you're not suppose to shift!" I heard Garret yell at me as he ran towards me and Jake, who were now circling each other and I could tell we were both trying to get control of our wolves.

Suddenly I lunged at Jake, causing us both to go rolling across the pavement snarling and snapping at each other.

Jake got up, throwing me off him, he had regained a little bit if control, his eyes were slowly turning brown again. Garret jumped between us, now shifted and growled to get us to stop.

"Marcy, calm down." Garret's voice rang in my head, it sounded far off.

"I'm trying!" I snapped back.

Jake growled, his wolf was shaking with anger and he was obviously fighting to keep control.

I focused on taking control from my wolf and slowly stopped shaking, regaining control.

"I'm okay now. You both should go on, I'm gonna bring Sam to the pack house, trust me on this please."

"You're going to what? Are you insane Marcy!"
Jake's voice rang out sounding angry.

"Jake, trust Marcy. Sam was healing her, not hurting her."  It was Garret's voice this time.

Jake looked between all of us, including Sam, before he slowly got up and walked to the woods, Garret following closely behind.

Once I was sure they were all gone, I made my way to Sam slowly, with my head down so she wouldn't think I was attacking her. When I got infront of her and knew she didn't see a threat in me I let out a single yip and nodded towards the woods, hoping she would understand what I meant.

Unfortunately she didn't and gave me a confused look.

“Why don’t you shift into human so I can understand whatever you’re trying to say?” She asks, and for a second I thought she might be acting sarcastic but the confusion on her face was clear. I rolled my eyes at her, she should know why I couldn't shift, and nodded towards the pile of torn clothes.

Sigh, that was a cut outfit too. I really need to stop doing that.

“So you want me to go into the woods?” She asks and scratches her head, confusion still obvious.

I nod and nudge her towards the tree line, she stumbled a few steps and my wolf giggled, which sounded somewhat like a growl and something like a cat.

I follow her into the woods, obviously Sam didn't know the trail becuase she was walking slower than the grass grew, and I was twice and bored. I let out a sigh and stepped around her, leading her to the pack house.

Once we got closer I stopped and dug around in a bush where I knew some clothes were hidden before pulling them out and going behind a tree to shift, then pulling on the simple running shorts and one of Jake's old t-shirts that was much too small for him anymore, although it still hung loose on me.

I appear back in the same place, Sam looks at me slightly shocked but I continue towards the pack house, "Come on." I let out slightly annoyed.

"Where are we going?" Sam asked.

I look over my shoulder to look at her and give her a mischevious smile, "Somewhere."

Sam must not have liked my answer because I heard her mumble a few words under her breath in French about werewolves and 'our secrets' and I smile slightly, poor girl.

"We're here." I comment a little while later as I broke throught the tree line, holding the limbs of plants out of my way.

“And where’s here?” she asks sarcastically.

I step aside so she could see the pack house, her nose wrinkled as the smell of werewolves hit her and I laughed slightly at her face, but I don't think she noticed.

“You brought me to the werewolves’ main house?! Are you trying to kill me?” She yells, gaining the attention of a few wolves hanging around outside.

“I did say I’ll be there to protect your back. Just shut your traps and get your butt in there.”

Itaque freni gutturis temperata,” Sam mutters under her breath, just loud enough for me to catch as she stalks towards the house. I look at her very confused and she burst out laughing, a few more wolves that had yet to notice her glare at me, I must look like a traitor leading a vampire into the pack house, where our Alpha and Beta both live!

I growl lowly at her, hoping she would get the message to shut up but she only laughs more, so I shove her towards the house so she would hurry up and get inside.

Once inside I led her through the foyer, I glanced in the living room to see Jake and Garret intent on their video game they were playing, but not too intent to growl at me. I knew neither one of them liked having Sam here, it wasn't natural.

I walked into my wing of the house and realized Sam was still following me. She can't just walk up to my mum and be like 'Yes, hello I'm your long lost daughter that's been living with your dead mate for the past seventeen years, great to finally meet you mum now when's dinner?' Hell no! Mum would pass out right there!

"Sam, " I growl lowly, "stay here, I'll come get you in a few minutes after I prepare my mom, and try not to get in too much trouble while I'm gone, half the pack already wants me dead for this." I threaten her and leave before she can say anything else.

Walking into the living area of our quarters I can hear a soap opera playing on the telly and my mum sitting on the couch, the smell of salt attacks me as I step forward; she's been crying.

"Mum, I've got a surprise for you." I say softly as I walk forward a little more.

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