Chapter two

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"There," I let out with a sigh. "All fixed."
It had been a little difficult, but I had successfully managed to tape back together the defaced, torn page from my storybook. Good as new...
I let out a slow breath and leaned back in my chair at my writing desk, staring up at the ceiling fan.
Still... There was nothing to stop those kids from pestering me and destroying it once more. I looked down at my open story with a blank expression. Maybe I shouldn't bring it to school anymore.. Despite my fondness for writing during free time in class (considering I didn't have friends to pass the time by) it seemed like the best option to leave my story here and out of trouble.
I didn't, by any means, think that doing so would protect me from the bullies, but at the very least, I could keep the book alive.
School was the devil.


It was exactly as I had foreseenー I had barely gotten through the day when more people gathered around wandering where my precious story was. Naturally, I did my best to completely ignore them, not giving them so much as a sideways glance. It was best that they didn't get a single reaction...
But that didn't mean it didn't hurt.
Finally, I came home and fell back on my bed. I hated this. School, people, everything.
A couple of dumb, meatheaded boys that weren't even in my class had come to laugh at me today. My hand balled into a fist.
I hated boys.
Why couldn't they be like the perfect boys I create in my head....?
My eyes shifted to glance at my journal, sitting open on my writing desk.
Why couldn't boys be... Like Ace?
I had given the character everything I'd ever want. Beautiful, kind, mysterious, protective....
But there was no way a boy like that would ever exist. Never in a million years.
Or maybe such a boy existed for a girl like Evangeline. I'd made her perfect, too....
Maybe too perfect.
But in my world, I could make everything as perfect as I wanted... In my world.
Then again, things had always been like this. Nothing has ever happened to me. I had a mom and a dad, no family problems, a normal house, normal school, a normal teenage life. Maybe that was why is chosen to write about whatever I wanted... Because I could do anything in my world.
Sighing in despair, I sprawled out comfortably on my bed and stared out the window at the night sky, decorated in stars. I closed my eyes...
And I wished that I could be an Evangeline.

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