Chapter Twenty-Six - Grey Fur

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I shut and reopened my eyes praying I was only imagining things. But no, Kyle was definitely standing in front of the car at this very moment. And there was no way he hadn't seen Jacobi and I making out.

Jacobi cursed under his breath.

I jumped out of the car, running towards my soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend. "Kyle." His eyes were pitch black, hands forming two firm fists. I'd never seen him this angry before. My heart pounded violently in my ribcage.

"Alaska, back off." Jacobi was out of the car, too. "He's unstable." Without even giving me the chance to move, Jacobi was standing in front of me. "Mate, let's calm down." He tried to speak to Kyle slowly.

Kyle growled ferociously.

"Oh my God!" I screamed when he planted his fist straight into Jacobi's jaw.

"NO!" Jacobi stretched his arm out, keeping me from getting any closer to Kyle. "Stay away, Alaska."

"Don't hurt him." I pled knowing that Jacobi could inflict far more damage on Kyle than Kyle could on Jacobi.

Kyle lunged at Jacobi, throwing them on the ground. I moved out of the way, watching the men roll around on the dirty floor. Kyle was trying his best to hurt Jacobi, Jacobi was trying to defend himself but he wasn't attacking Kyle.

"Kyle!" I cried, "Stop!" Despite Jacobi's warnings, I grabbed Kyle by the back of his t-shirt and yanked him back, attempting to get him off of Jacobi. He elbowed me in the gut to shrug me off. I fell on the concrete with a loud "oomph". If he'd hit a bone, it would've definitely cracked. Luckily, he got me in the stomach. Unluckily, I was completely winded.

Jacobi growled in response to my fall. Quicker than lightning he rolled them around so he was on top of Kyle. He pressed his arm against Kyle's throat, cutting off his respiration. "Calm. The. Fuck. Down." He spoke in a chilling voice.

Kyle gasped for air, struggling to throw Jacobi off of him but it was useless, Jacobi was stronger. Eventually, Kyle stopped fighting and fell limp. Jacobi slowly removed his arm, allowing Kyle to breathe again. Looking over his shoulder, Jacobi's eyes flickered over my fallen frame, assessing the damage. He looked concerned.

"I'm okay." I said in a husky voice, barely able to speak a coherent sentence while bending over to keep the stabbing pain in my stomach at bay.

Kyle sat up, clutching his throat as he gasped for breath. He looked at me too. My heart shattered into tiny pieces when I saw the disappointment and heartbreak in his eyes. I'd hurt him. Bad.

I shot him a pleading look but he turned away, refusing to make further eye contact. Jacobi stood, heading towards me. He grabbed a hold of my arms and helped me up. I kept an arm around my stomach, unable to stand the pain.

"We should all go inside." Jacobi said pointedly. "The two of you need to talk."


Before Kyle and I started dating we'd been in the same English class. Our teacher had placed desks together so that there were seven groups of four kids scattered about the room. We were assigned seats and Kyle sat across from me. I'd developed the biggest crush on him in that class. So much so that whenever we were asked to do group work, I could barely string a cohesive sentence together when I spoke to him.

Now, sitting across from him in Jacobi's living room I found myself with that same problem. Every time I went to start a sentence, my words jumbled together and faded into silence. "You came to Ireland." I finally managed to swallow my guilt and nerves and speak. Though it really wasn't much.

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