Chapter Four

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The next morning was considered to be far from wonderful to Bill when he woke up on his sofa with a horribly tight and sore back

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The next morning was considered to be far from wonderful to Bill when he woke up on his sofa with a horribly tight and sore back. His neck definitely felt as though he had slept on it wrong as it kept locking up whenever he turned it to the right, leaving him in pain as he attempted to sit up. He rubbed his hand over his shoulder and ran it up the side of his neck with a grimace. Letting out an irritated groan as he ran over a sensitive spot, he stopped as he didn't want to wake up Astrid. Unfortunately, he was completely unaware that his moving and previous painful sounds had already stirred the painting from her slumber.

The sounds of his joints popping echoed in the empty place as Bill pushed himself up to head to the shower. He shuffled noisily all the way there before closing the door loudly without realising. Astrid turned on her side after the room became clear and made a face. Obviously, her new roommate was not the most considerate when it came to noise, but she actually didn't mind at all.

As she sat up on her bed, Astrid stretched her back as she reached her arms up as high as they would go above her head. Even though she didn't expect it, she had managed to experience one of the best nights of sleep in such a long time. She was well rested as the sound of Bill's snoring had just been what she needed to get through the entire night. As she glanced around, Astrid could see that Bill had gone from his spot on the sofa and in the distance, she could hear the sound of running water.

Perhaps to some, it wouldn't seem like much, but to Astrid even just the sound of a shower sounded so good on the ears. It had been such a long time since she had experienced a shower, but it didn't matter because, in her paint form, she didn't experience such things such as body odour, she didn't experience anything really. Her life was as dull as the painting she was stuck in. That's why she was patiently awaiting Bill's return, hoping that he would spend more time conversing with her, even if it was more one-sided. Hopefully, he wouldn't spend time asking her questions but perhaps talk about himself as she wanted to learn a bit more about her rescuer.

Already, Astrid was familiar with his name and his occupation, but he seemed like a nice enough sort that she wanted to learn more about him. Or perhaps it was just her desperation to have any sort of human interaction that wasn't life-threatening. However, Astrid was sure that if she didn't give the answers that Bill wanted, he would probably grow tired of her and just dispose of her portrait. Whether or not he would bring her back to the shack or just throw her into the garbage left her feeling quite panicked the more she thought about it.

After several minutes went by, Bill had yet to return from his shower, leaving Astrid to become somewhat bored. Normally, she would just sleep to get through the day, but with the possibility of interaction, Astrid didn't want to sleep. But just as she folded her legs on her bed, she heard movement sound from outside of her frame. The sound of Bill's footsteps returning to the area brought her to perk up. Instinctively, her hands hovered over her face as she waited patiently. However, as soon as Bill entered the living room again, Astrid's eyes widened and in pure shock, she pulled her shirt over her face.

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