2. Something Else

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Chapter 2: Something Else

I followed behind him for about fifteen minutes. I didn't know why I didn't try and catch up with him, I just didn't. I mean, I could have because of how slow he was. I watched him limp towards his house. It was the last house at the end of the street. It was two stories, but not as rundown as mine. It was all by itself, the closest houses being at least 15 metres away.

I stopped a few metres down the street, contemplating what I should do next. I watched him unlock the door and go inside.
I didn't want to knock on his door right away.
He was hurt and tired and would probably be ashamed once I showed up. I considered leaving it on the front steps, but something urged me to go inside. I waited on the step for about five minutes before placing my hand on the doorknob.

It was open. I slowly walked around the open space. It was dark, but slivers of light were peaking through a few boarded windows. The first floor was empty except for the mildly furnished kitchen. There was a door that lead to the basement. I headed up at the second floor where I assumed he was. It was even darker and had three rooms. It looked abandoned, but surprisingly smelt very good...like tree bark or evergreen. There was a bathroom door which was closed, so I walked pass it. The other two rooms were open and were pretty much empty. The last door on the right was shut, but I decided to open it. It was as empty as the others, except for a large bed at one end of the room, across from the door where I was standing, and a tattered nightstand. The windows in this room weren't boarded. Curtains blew softly through the wind . I walked over and stood beside the bed. I ran my fingers over the soft silk. I thought it was odd that someone like him would have them.

"Where the hell are you?", I asked under my breath.

There was a large pitcher of water, an empty glass and a newspaper on the stand. I touched my hand to the pitcher and realized it was ice cold.

"What do you think you're doing?" I jumped and bumped my leg on the table. "Shit!"

The man was sitting in a chair in the far back of the room, his face covered with a cloth and concealed in the dark. Was he watching me this whole time? I hadn't even noticed.

"I'm sorry, I..." I couldn't find the right words. I wanted him to know that I meant no harm. "Your mask...I have it..." I took a step forward as I took off my bag and unzipped it.

"Stop.", he commanded.

He stood slowly as I reached into my bag. That's when I noticed he was no longer wearing his robe, but a black wife-beater and dark grey cargo pants. His biceps were surprisingly large for someone in his psychical state. They weren't massive, but they weren't twigs either.

I could tell he easily towered over me. I still couldn't see his face, but I could tell there was something that was off. I held out the mask. He didn't move, face still in the shadows.

"Put it down." I looked around and then, placed it on the nightstand. Just then, I noticed there was another entrance to the room. The door way must have lead to another part of the house. It was open. I assumed it lead to one of the rooms I had passed.

"Leave." I was uncomfortable being here, but still slightly hurt by his lack of gratitude.

"Right...of course...OK." I turned and headed downstairs. I sighed. I couldn't leave, not yet. I stopped at the foot of the stairs.

I could hear footsteps above my head. The floorboards creaked with the weight as he walked. I moved out of sight as I saw the masked man go into the bathroom. I heard the cabinet open. I began to pace back and forth.

I waited until he walked back into the room. I took my backpack off and left it at the foot of the stairs. Then, I snuck back upstairs. I decided to confront him. This time I came through one of the entrances from the other room.

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