His sage eyes pierce my own and the pools of sadness have me nodding my head in agreement.  I'd do anything they ask.  Doesn't he know that by now?

Owen gives me a slight squeeze and I turn my head to look at him.  "Sang, first and foremost, I want you to know that my brothers and I will do whatever is necessary to make sure that you are safe.  You don't need to fear while you're with us."  He takes a deep breath.  "Victor has taken care of ID for you.  No one will come looking."

I let out the breath I'd been holding. I'm not sure how he knows about my lack of ID, but I'm not really all that surprised. These guys are far more than average. I try to relax a little as he traces a finger along my arm.  Sean sighs and I can tell that he's struggling with whatever he wants to say.

"Sang, do you remember what happened?"  The words are barely audible, and he's squeezing his eyes shut.

I think back.  I need to do this for Sean.

"My phone died, and I didn't have anyone's numbers, so I was walking home after rehearsal."  My throat is scratchy, and Owen slides an ice chip between my lips so that I can continue.  "It was cold, so I cut through campus."

My breath hitches, and it's like my body remembers before my mind can catch up.  I feel my nails dig into Sean's hand, but I can't make myself release him.

"I-I was by the fields when a guy asked me for drugs."

Owen startles and Sean lets out a sound that sounds like a cross between a hiss and a growl.

"I told him that he was mistaken, but he wouldn't listen."  I begin to tremble.  "He kept insisting that I was just like they described, and then he-" my voice cuts out and I'm shaking so badly that I'm afraid I'll rattle myself apart.

Flashes of memory assault me. 

Tears flood my eyes and spill out over my cheeks.


I smell the sharp tang of bad breath and feel his rough hands against my neck.  My fingertips wander up and trace the lines that I know I will find in bruises by tomorrow.  No wonder my throat hurts.


His fists striking my sides and stomach.


The gleam of a knife.

I'm sobbing uncontrollably now and Owen smooths his hand over my hair while he cradles me in his arms.  "Shh, Sang.  You're going to be okay.  You're not alone.  Shh."


The feeling of the cool October air on my bare flesh.  The violation.  The pain.

"I c-couldn't s-stop him," I cry into Owen's shoulder.

He rocks gently back and forth and whispers into my hair, "I know, sweetheart.  You were so brave.  You fought him, Sang.  You didn't give in."

The bed shifts and I'm suddenly sandwiched between Sean and Owen.  I feel something wet land on my arm and see that there are streams flowing from the good doctor's eyes as he wraps his arms around me.

"Pookie, I promise that I'll take the best care of you.  You have to know that I know that this isn't the first time.  The evidence-" he chokes on his words and I'm surprised into a temporary calm.

Sean clears his throat and tries again.  "Sang, Pookie, did you know that you were pregnant?"

"What?" I squeak.  My mind races over all of the clues that my body left behind and I begin to freak out in full.  "Oh no!"  I shake my head rapidly and almost knock it against Owen's chin.  "No no no no no!  I didn't do anything right!"  I stare wide eyed and panicked at Sean.  "Is it too late for me to take all of the vitamins that you're supposed to?  I'll take twice as many!"  I practically shout, "Someone get me a glass of milk!  No, better make that two!"

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