Chapter Nine

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Brooke's POV

The evening consisted of myself lying with Justin, groaning about my head, or him complaining about the t.v show I wanted to watch.

"Justin." I whispered.


"Why- why are you being so nice? I mean, where's my punishment." I wearily asked.

Justin sighed, "Kitten, although you think I'm a bad person, I'm not. I'm not going to punish you when you're already feeling terrible." He smirked, "Plus, your headache seems to be a pretty good punishment itself."

I rolled my eyes. Maybe Justin was starting to change for the better. I looked up into his brown eyes. He gave me a smile, and shockingly, I returned it.

"There's a good girl. Why can't you be like this all the time?" He pondered, holding my face in his large hands.

Before I could scold him for treating me like a dog, Justin's phone went off. He signaled for me to be quiet and so I sat still, wanting to listen in on the conversation.

"Hey man, uhm we're got a situation." A male voice rung through the phone.

Justin furrowed his eyebrows, "What is it Blake?"

"Well, the police found out where Dave lives and they've got him at the station questioning him." The 'Blake' guy sounded extremely worried, and by the looks of Justin's face, he was anything but happy.

"What?" Justin yelled which made me flinch back away from him.

"You idiots! How did they find him?" Justin growled, this was the side of him that frightened me.

"I don't know man! We've got to get him out of there before he cracks, like
now!" Blake yelled, and Justin immediately hung up.

"Well, kitten it looks like we're going on an adventure." Justin sighed and he stood up from the couch. He seemed very annoyed, his hands running through his messy hair.

He grabbed my hand and tugged me out the door, leading us into the car.

"Wh-where are we going?" I asked, looking up at Justin.

"To the jail. We've got to sneak out Dave." He explained, turning the radio on to a low volume.

"And I had to come because...?"

"Because I don't trust you at home. Here, I can keep an eye out on you." He said, drumming his fingers against the steering wheel to the rock band on the station. He acted as if it was the most normal thing in the world, to have to drag me everywhere with him.

The rest of the drive was silent, an extremely awkward silence. The tension in the air made me feel like it was hard to breath, and I'm pretty sure Justin felt that way too.  We finally pulled up to the jail, and I wanted to just duck and roll out of the car, but Justin beat me to it.

"Would you rather stay in here, or come in with me?" He asked, pulling the keys out of the car.

I pondered for a moment. If I stayed in here, who knows what could come into this car and hurt me. Although I was frightened of Justin, I knew he would protect me and keep me safe.

"I'll come in." I replied, stepping out of the car.

I waited for Justin at the front of the car, and he was at my side wrapping a sturdy arm around me, huddling me in his jacket.

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