He likes your twin more(Harry part 2)

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Harry POV 

My mum and I follow close behind the ambulance. We wanted to make sure everything was OK, even though we both know it probably is not going to be fine. My step-dad said he will be there as fast as he could. All I could think of on the way was Why did she do this? Was her life that miserable? Was I a part in this? Was there something she wasn't telling us? I tried to shake those thoughts out of my head but I still felt guilt in me. 

When we had arrived at the hospital, Y/N was getting her stomach pumped.The doctor kept asking questions about Y/N. My mom answered most of them cause I really did not know what to say. I guess I don't know my sister. After like 2 hours, they finally let us see Y/N. When I entered the room, I was shocked. Y/N body was pale. There was a tube in her mouth, a few injections on her body and she was hooked up to a machine. Her eyes were closed and she was barely breathing. The doctor said she was in a coma. He also said she probably won't wake for a while. Then Mom says she has to go pick up Y/T/N from school. I decided I was going to stay here. I sit the couch next to her hospital bed. I noticed something on her arms. I pick up one and examine. I saw cuts all along her arms. "Oh my God." I whisper and put down her arm. After about 30 minutes, Y/T/N and Mom showed up along with Robin. "She's in a coma." Mom says, flatly.  

I went home after an hour to relax. Since I was alone, I went to Y/N's room to snoop. I looked around to see if she had a diary or something. I noticed a One Direction mag on one of the selfs. I pulled it out to reveal Y/N's journal. I open it and flip to a page.  

Dear Diary, 

Y/T/N is at it again today. She keeps bothering me. I wish I could tell someone. But I can't. She is threatening me more and more. I wish her and her gang would stop bullying me.  

I close the diary. Y/T/N bullies her? That is sick. I opened the journal to a different page and read. 

Dear Diary, 

Harry is being a jerk. He keeps insulting me. I should tell him to stop, but I'm scared. I wish Gemma was here. At least she cares about me. 

I did not know she was hurt by my comments. I start to feel guilt build up. I find the last entry. 

Dear Diary, 

I can't believe I have let it come to this, but I don't care. I'm going to kill myself. I don't feel wanted or loved at all. I'm done with bullies. I'm done with Y/T/N. I'm done with Harry. So I guess this is goodbye my diary.  

"No more." I sigh. I put the diary where it was before. Y/T/N is in trouble.  

Second POV 

You lied unconscious in the bed. The doctors have tried things but they have failed miserably. Today they were going to inject something in you to help wake you up. You mom, dad, Harry, and twin were there. Gemma was going to arrive soon. 5 nurses you around you. One injection did something in you. You body started to twitch. You began to shake violently. "What's happening?" Your twin said scared. You eventually calmed down.  

*1 month later*  

You were still in that coma. Nothing had changed since that day of weird reactions. You were asleep.  

Gemma POV 

I took time off school to see Y/N. She does not look good. Poor girl. Harry told me about the things in Y/N's diary. At first, I was mad about this. But how I'm just sad. I miss her.  

I was sitting in Y/N's hospital room when her machine started to make weird noises. Doctors came running and push Harry and I out. We watch through the window. Y/N opened her eyes. I screamed for my mom to come watch. She ran over there. "Ok Y/N I'm going to need you to cough for me. She coughed. Some blood came out. "Good. Now don't say anything when I ask you this." She nodded weakly. "Do you know the people in the window?" She blinked 2x. The doctor signaled for us to come in. We circle around Y/N and hug her. 

*2 months later* 

Second POV 

Everything went great after that day. You were released after 2 weeks. The school board found out that Y/T/N's was bullying you and gave her and her gang a month suspension. You and Harry became best buds. He has not found it in his heart to forgive your twin yet. You have not either. But you were nice to her. You changed your life and good things came out. You felt like you were finally living.

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