A little backstory

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Hi my name is Wendy Darling and I'm fourteen. My life is a little crazy and it's kinda tragic but bare with me here.

First of all I live with my dad, my step dad, and my two stepbrothers. My dad's name is Hank, my stepdad's name is John, my oldest stepbrother's name is Jackson, and my other stepbrother's name is Michael. Jackson is eighteen and Michael is seventeen.

Second of all here's what happened before my stepfamily. My mom died when I was twelve. Two months before she died my dad and mom told me my dad was gay. Three months after she died my dad got remarried to John.

Third of all I have brown curly hair, hazel eyes, and I own a airsoft gun and a pocket knife.

Fourth of all my brothers try to make my life hell but fail. They are very protective and try to ruin all my chances of getting a boyfriend.

Fifth of all I love to sing, I speak my mind, and I do things that I probably shouldn't.


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