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3:30 PM

As Onika was writing something in her notebook she smelt the good soul food her mother was cooking.She was very glad that her mother was here to help her through this rough time she was going through.With her struggles she got out of bed from a good hour of writing and stretched,her muscles relaxed and she went downstairs and sat at the dining table.

"Hello mother,the food smells very good" she says as her mother looks at her while waiting on some cookies she had baked.

Onika may seem like a good girl but she was far from that.Her troubles of an ex that was abusive turned her attitude around.

"You need to get out of the house,just because you still love that monster doesn't mean a thing.You need a man or at least a roommate to keep you busy,you rarely get out.Im worried about you pumpkin." She sighed at mama carol.

She was right,Onika needed to get out.For the past year she hasn't been out of the house,only working and coming home to a puppy that eventually was stolen.A roommate wouldn't be so bad Onika thought.She would need some company.Also more help with the bills.At 24 you'd think she had a stable job,but,she didn't.They didn't pay her enough.

"Alright ma,Im going to look later." Onika got up leaving mama carol to cook.

Onika's Point of View


My mom had left after our dinner which made me lonely so I was Looking through my phone texting some friends I haven't talked to in a while.When I was going to text back I heard the doorbell ring.As I opened the door I saw this woman with blonde hair.

(Let's pretend the hat and jewelry is gone and her hair is kind of messy)

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(Let's pretend the hat and jewelry is gone and her hair is kind of messy)

"Can you help me? I need to find my way back to houston." she says looking very scared.

I let her in and she sat on the couch.

"I'm don't exactly have a lot of money but where is your family?" I ask.

"Before you answer what is your name?" I add in.

"well for starters,my name is beyoncé knowles and I need help because My ex boyfriend broke up with me on the trip here and now I can't find my way because I know no one here."

"Well first off if you want money to go back you are going to need a job and a place to stay...and I could use a roommate so.. would you like to stay with me for a while and find a job?"

"Sure! thank you so much,you won't regret this."

*End of Onika's point of view*

Onika knew she was only doing this because she needed company and help with money.She wasn't really good at any kind of relationships they kind of backfired for her.This girl seemed like she could be trusted.

This is a fictional story full of lies,love,hatred,and content that is sexual.

This is...



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