Chapter Twenty Five

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I paced around the room scratching my head, I needed to get high.

I suddenly stopped pacing and picked up my phone with my shaking hands.

I called up my plug the hottest drug dealer around town, the only thing about him was he always wanted me in return. I didn't care about that though I just wanted a quick high. I know nobody knows about my addiction while I have a child but I don't give two fucks about that child.

"Hello?" ACE voice came through the phone.

"Yeah, I need some of that ice you got me?" I rubbed my arms constantly.

"I gotcha swing by, you gone give me some of that good good in return?"

"Yeah, bye."

I left the little bastard in the room while I ran to ACE'S house he stayed right down the road from me. I know I'm crazy for leaving my own seed around like it's nothing

I walked into ACE house filled with smoke. One girl was sprawled out on the floor with a needle jammed in her arm.

"What's up baby?" ACE asked sounding high.

"Let's get this over with." I pulled my pants down and got to business.


"¿En cuántos países has estado?" (How many countries have you been to?)
I asked Aug.

"Dos." (two.)

"¿Cuál es tu segundo nombre?" (What is your middle name?) He asked me, I was taken back.

I've been teaching him how to talk in Spanish for a little while know but I didn't know that he was that good.

"Shanae." I giggled while he smiled at me.

"You're getting good boo." I cheered him on knowing that it would boost his head up even more.

"I mean, you kno' what can I say?" He flipped his imaginary color.

"Sh, don't start." I looked at him.

"Do you think that King is in a good place with Aniyah?"I questioned out of the blue.

I mean, I guess why you ask dat?" He looked at me strangely.

"I really don't know, I just have a feeling in my stomach that something isn't right with her."

It was true ever since she tried to tag team me with Chris sister I don't think she's right. It might just be my thinking she might actually be a good person even though she apologized to me.

"I'm pretty sho' if thea is sum wrong we would find out love." He grabbed my hand.

"I know," I sighed.

Out of no where he kissed me at first it was one of our normal kisses where we kiss for a few seconds and let go but he kept going.

"Aug." I said between kisses.

He kept kissing while his hand slipped under my shirt. The older man started pulling on my shirt while I sat there not knowing what to do.

"I won't hurt you baby I'm just seeing if you're turning into a beautiful young lady." His cold breath whispered in my ear.

"Stop." I pulled back from him wiping the sweat droplets from my head and walked into the bathroom.

"Liah?" He knocked on the door.

"I'm fine, I'll be out in a minute." I said pulling my hair into a bun first off I didn't want to tell him that I was a virgin but it was something deeper than that. I didn't want to tell him yet. Besides I kept this secret to myself hidden from everyone.

It started when I was around 9 or 10. It first started out with him just brushing up against me, then it started to be him touching on me. Then that led to him touching and kissing on me.

I was old enough to know this wasn't right, so I went to tell my grandma and she just laughed in my face. I remember her voice just like it was yesterday, "Just lay back it'll be over before you know it."

She was so calm about this since it was her son. That's another reason why she dislikes me so much, we got that sick bastard behind bars. He won't be coming home.

I wasn't the only victim once i spoke up, everyone else spoke up.

But before he went to jail, around the time I was 15. I started to go through puberty and I was beginning to fill out.

He busted in my room while I was sleeping, me being a light sleeper. I jumped up in panic mode, I already knew what was about to happen.

I started to scream but that didn't stop a thing, everyone just acted as if they didn't hear me.

While I was fighting and screaming he was just doing what he does. He would walk out and into the bathroom, come back with a rag and would have the nerve to say, "Here clean yourself up."

Here I am now, I hate that sick bastard. I can't even move forward with Aug. I can't even let him make out with me without me panicking.

I'm gone have to speak up about this, but I just don't want to not yet. He might judge me, he might even laugh in my face.

We're moving forward with each other, and I've grown to trust him. So I think that I'll just come clean and tell him everything about me.

"Aug, I'm sorry."

"Baybeh, don't be sawrhy. I kno' ya still scared. I'll wait faeva fa you love."

I started to cry as I wrapped my arms around his neck, "I can't even make out with you without freaking out."

"Does this make you look differently at me?"

"No Li, I just wanna kno' what's going on. Ya scarin' me. Just tell me ya kno' ya can talk ta' me. I won't judge ya, I gotcha baybeh."

"Okay Aug, I want you to get comfortable and sit down and listen."

"Damn it's dat bad baybeh?"

"Yes so sit back, okay so back in the day..."

Excuse mistakes...
This story is based on latashab15 the only true things are is her mom died.
Other than that, this is just what came up in our minds.


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