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Today was the day, you were going to meet Dan's parents. It had been two weeks since the premiere and you still couldn't get over the fact that you were going to meet Dan Howell's parents.

"Y/N It'll be fine, don't worry, I'm sure they'll love you." Dan assured you as he continued to drive down the busy highway.

"But what if they don't? What if I fuck the whole thing up and ruin it FOREVER!?" You said as you began to panic again.

"Y/N, it's fine, but I wouldn't go around saying "fuck" every other word. My parents have to think you're a good girl, at least for the time being." Dan said as he rubbed your thigh reassuringly. 

"Alright fine...I don't see the fucking problem." You mumbled the last part which made Dan smile.

"We're almost there, oh, by the way, my brothers not there, he's staying with a friend right now so it's just my parents." He said.

"Ok." You said as you clicked your phone on and resumed scrolling through tumblr.


"We're here Y/N." Dan announced as he pulled into the driveway of a white, two story house. It had red shutters and a red door with a large front yard covered in beautiful green grass. There was a weeping willow in the front yard that looked like it had suffered a few injuries.

"This is where you grew up?" You asked in wonder, it was truly a beautiful house.

"Yep, do you like it?" He asked you as he got out of the car. You watched him walk around and open the door for you.

"Yeah!" You exclaimed as you stepped out of the car. You went to the back to get your small bag you had brought. Dan was only making you spend one night so you packed lightly.

"Dannie!" You heard a woman cry. When you turned around you saw a small woman running toward you. She had long dark curly hair with strands of grey in the mix and bright hazel eyes that accompanied her wide smile.

"Mum!" You heard Dan say as he hugged her.

"I've missed you, it's been so long!" His Mum exclaimed.

"Yeah it really has." He said, then his Mum turned to you and gave you a bright smile.

"You must be Y/N! I've heard so much about you, come give me a hug." She said and took you into a bear hug. Dan must get his friendliness from her.

"Oh you're absolutely gorgeous! Dan sure was right about you." She said as the two of you broke away from the hug.

"Thank you Mrs. Howell." You smiled and glanced over to Dan who had turned pink.

"Why don't you two come in and meet Dan's father? I know much he wants to meet you." Mrs. Howell smiled and guided you toward the door which left Dan trailing behind.

"Daniel, I raised you like a gentleman, gentleman never let women carry the bags." She said as you were walking.

"Oh, sorry Mum." Dan mumbled and reached for your bag.

"Dan that's fine I can manage." You giggled as you clutched your bag close to your chest. You didn't like having other people doing things for you.

"See Mum." Dan said to his Mother.

"Daniel." She said in a sweet and soft yet slightly agitated voice.

"Sorry." He blushed, it was rather funny seeing dan being bossed around. You reached the door and walked inside.

"Ed! Guess who's here?" Mrs. Howell called throughout the house, you heard heavy footsteps and then saw a man emerge from upstairs and rush down. As he approached you, you saw how tall he was. Dan's father had to be one or more inches taller than Dan which put him at a minimum of 6' 4". He was a skinny man with just a speck of facial hair and deep black hair. He had it combed back into a small quiff, it had a bit more grey in it than Dan's mother's hair did.

"Dan!" His father exclaimed and gave Dan a quick hug and a pat on the back.

"You must be Y/N! It's wonderful to meet you." His Dad said and took you into another bear hug, this family was very good at hugs.

"It's nice to meet you too." You smiled, everyone was so kind, you already felt at home.

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