saved by my brother

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Naruto's POV

Menma opened the door to our room as he looked at the guy in front of me as he growled.

"What are you doing here and near MY brother at that" Menma growled as he glared at the guys who just smiled "why hello there I'm just have with business here with your brother" the guy says with a demolish smile though menma was mad I on the other hand was shaking in my covers though.

"what's the business about if it involves my brother" menma growls as I looked over at him "very important business that does not involve you" the guy says as they stared at each other menma with a very angry look while the other guy just had a smile on his face still it was just so weird.

"fine if your so curious I'm not the only one whos gonna go after Naruto here and that's all ill tell you but if you ever interfere ever again you wont live long" the guy says as he went out the window while, I looked at my brother who instantly closed the window and locked it before looking at me and started to give me a check up to see if I was hurt I was gonna have to be carried around again and use the wheelchair ugh.

Soon Kyuubi came back inside the room as he looked at the two of us Menma soon went over and hugged our older brother who hugged back "what happened while I was gone and tell me absolutely everything" Kyuubi says as he got serious.

We stayed silent but than we decided to finally tell him everything that happened even the part of when I went insane and came back on my own.

"you ok Naruto" Kyuubi soon asked me as I nodded and hugged him.

Sasuke came back as he looked at all of us "the camp leader is asking for us right now" he says as we nodded I got on Kyuubi's back a he carried me out the cabin menma was behind us as we while Sasukie had also followed us.

We made it there as I saw Sakura and started growling Kyuubi started to slightly sway side to side as I was slowly beginning to calm down I guess you could say I wasn't gonna let the whole 'SAKURA KISSING SASUKE THING GO' but I wasn't jealous at all I'm being serious I'm not being jealous.

Menma was being held back by Kyuubi as he was being calmed down since Ino was here to oh her ok ya that girl gets on his nerves cause she want HIS Sasukie that wasn't an option to anyway and I thin menma already marked his territory so, that's definitely not an option.

But what really ticked us both off was that guy we saw before he was standing in-between the two who glared at us we glared back "Naruto Uzumaki, and  Menma Uzumaki" the camp leader says as she, sighed I heard you two ganged up on sakura and Ino and tried to hurt them is that true" she asked "how I cant even walk on my own two feet let alone stand" I said looking at her as Kyuubi nodded "really now cause sakura said you dragged her into the forest and beated her up and then brother her arm" she says, ok that might be....its true but I'm gonna tell that "I'm not strong enough she's the one who beats me up a lot and everything" I protested "she's also the very reason why Naruto cant use his own legs neither her and her buddies sent him to the hospital putting him into a long coma" menma, says wow did thanks for the memories I love remembering the past dude I really do.

The camp leader looked at sakura and Ino who shook there heads "lies they just wanted to be liked by everyone" Sakura lied and the guy nodded oh I'm gonna kill her first she tries to take my boyfriend away and now she's trying to get me suspended and arrested uh no "not true my baby brother would do no such thing" Kyuubi says "ya all my twin wants is to be happy but he never can be considering how horrible his childhood was and ever since the beginning of his school year or ours though two have been bullying us" menma says thanks more nightmares please I enjoy them.

Sasuke lightly hit menma upside the head as he only chuckled "oh sorry Naruto I'm bring the past up huh" he says as I only nodded and hid my face in Kyuubi's back.

"you have to believe us there horrible they even got our boyfriends to turn against us" Ino says as she decided to do a fake tear act pretending to cry "well then you two must be lying you boys should now better than to hurt a girls feeling" she, says "what are you talking about me and her have never been dating never" Sasuke says crossing his arms "i know its hard to face to cold truth calm down" she says Sasuke ticked as he glared at the teacher as he than went to the cabin grabbed his camera and handed to the scout leader as she watched the video of how many times Sakura and ino been around naruto and menma but guess what, she didn't believe th not even once she though it was hacked or something how do you even ugh.

"Sasuke I know you wanna keep you love for Sakura a secret but you don't have to listen to your friend" the camp leader says as kyuubi sighed I was curious....



FAKER dropped me on the ground he knew I couldn't walk what was on his mind right now I looked up at him as he crossed his arms "My brother would would do no such thing he would try and make friends with all his heart even if they hate him!"


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