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The rest leave and me and Adam stay. Amelia looks at us. "An hour. Nothing but talking. Understand "she said. We nodded. "You better. Now I have some work to do in the office. I'm locking the door. I'll see you in an hour"she left.

Can she do that. Holy crap. Adam looks at me. "What"I asked. "Why"he asked. "Why what"I asked. "Why did you hurt me"he asked. "Adam. You don't know. Do you"I asked. "Know what. "He asked. "You broke me"I said. "What"he asked. "How do you not know. You said it. Well you told someone to say it"I said. He looked confused.


Freshman year. Adam and Max were best friends. Adam was friends with Tyler but mostly Max one day Max was gonna tell Adam how much he really loved him. But he couldn't so he left a note.

At lunch Tyler walked to Max and told him"Adam said stay away. That he hates you. I don't know the reason. Sorry man"and Tyler left.

Max was hurt. So he stayed away.

Little did he know Adam was given a letter from Tyler saying it's from Max. It said

I hate you. I never want to see you again. Leave me be

They both were hurt.

End of flashback

"I never said that. "He said. "Honestly I don't remember "he said. I looked down.

"I gave you the letter "I said. He nodded. "We hurt each other "he said. I nodded. "Why did you tell people about the mad,sad and all that "I asked. "I was mad"he said.

"You knew where it came from. And yet you told people "I said. He looked away. "......"I looked away to.

You can do this. Just knock on his door. He just tutoring you. Nothing else. Ok. I knocked.

A man answered. "Who are you"he asked. I froze. "You a bully apologizing "he asked. I shook me head. "Dad. It's fine"red said. I smiled. "Whatever I'm leaving "the man said. He walked past me to a car.

"Come in"red said. I nodded. He took me to his room. I saw a lot of containers full of sparkles. Different colors. I smiled. "They tell me mood. "He said. I looked up at him. (Credit to a book and author. I loved the story. I had to put a little bit of that in it). "Really"I asked. He nodded. Then laughed. "Yeah. A junior playing with sparkles "he smiled. "Your a junior "I asked.

"Yeah. "He said. "So let's get started shall we"he said. I nodded.

He sounds nervous. I sound ok. Jeez.

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