A Decision That Changed Everything

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Chapter 5

      “Christian,” I whispered, my face clearly displaying astonishment and disbelief.

     He smiled his teeth perfect and white. “The one and only,” he commented, satisfied of my reaction, but suddenly disappeared into something else I couldn’t really comprehended, but at this point, I didn’t really care.  

     He stood about a few meters from me, but I sprinted to him and jumped in his arms. I’m not sure why I jumped, but I just missed him so much. Christian, my best friend who was in love with me in freshmen year finally moved back. He was one of the many people I had to reject and he was the hardest, because I knew that I might lose him.

     I did actually.

     I was the reason he left. As soon as I remembered that, I tried to squirm away from his hug, but he held me to his chest. I could feel warm tears streaming down my face, realizing that they weren’t only mine. “I’m sorry,” I tried to utter, but my voice cracked.

     I could feel him nod his head. He wasn’t much of a crier, especially if I was with him. He restrained himself from crying when he admitted his love for me and when I told him I could never feel the same way. Now, he was crying. Maybe its tears of joy, I thought to myself.  

     I don’t know how long we’ve been hugging, but I didn’t want this moment to end. It felt as if we never been together since our past life. It felt like that last time we ever shared a hug was a century ago.

     Different emotions roam in mind and every thought of what happened disappeared. All my thoughts were about him. I can’t believe I forgot about him all this time. The thought of him escaped my mind long time ago, and I knew I couldn’t blame myself, because every time I thought about him caused me pain.

     He was my best friend, who I cared about deeply, and he left because I didn’t feel the same way he did. I didn’t love him like he wanted me too. I was too picky to see what was in front of me. Still, I thought of him as a brother or a friend who’s a girl. Maybe if I tried to feel deep emotions for him, he could’ve stayed and we would have moments between sophomore year and now.  

      He finally put me down, but it felt too soon. I wiped the leftover tears in my face and studied him. His dark, brown hair grew longer and his green eyes were still familiar. I thought he cried, because he didn’t look like he shed a tear. When I noticed how he was dress, I couldn’t help to raise my eyebrows, “Halloween is in two months.”

  He looked down at his clothes and frowned at me. “What’s wrong with my clothes? A couple of girls checked me out. Don’t you get a sexy bad boy vibe,” he demanded jokingly. “Don’t I look hot?”

    I rolled my eyes. “Yeah, you do look hot. It’s just it’s not really you. Common, what happened to simple t-shirts and jeans. Now, you’re wearing a leather jacket and really skinny jeans.”

     Christian continued to frown, but shrugged. “I guess I changed.”

    “Well, you are not alone in that one,” I said truthfully.

     As realization took over his features, he started at me with curiosity. “What happened to you?”

    “I don’t really get your question, but if you’re asking why am I wet. It’s diet coke,” I said simply.

    “I mean in general. You are the most likeable and loveable person I know and no one would even dare do that to you. I don’t think anyone has the heart to do that to you. Everyone loved you; every guy, every girl. I can’t imagine anyone doing that to you, Paige. What happened?” His green eyes were full of sadness and confusion. He doesn’t really know the whole story to what happened.

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