Chapter 16 - Sam

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Sam’s POV

Jake’s huge brown wolf body is pushed down next to me by a small red wolf. The wolf has a crazed look in it’s eyes. I look around for Marcy, only to see her clothes torn in where she’s supposed to be.

Oh. The red wolf is Marcy.

She snaps at Jake’s muzzle as soon as he stands up on all four. Jake barely has the time to react. They start to circle each other, growling loudly while showing their teeth. Marcy once again jumps towards Jake, tumbling both of them to the ground.

“Mar! You’re not supposed to shift!” Garret cries, running towards the wolves.

Me? I’m staring at the fight in horror. I never have seen werewolves in wolf form up this close before. Their fight looks so violent and brutal. I can never tell whether it is a fight or they’re just playing around.

Garret shifts into a wolf himself and stand in between them. They stare at each other as if they’re communicating mentally.

Jake’s angry shakes lower as he glances at me briefly. No doubt that he’s staring at my purple eyes. I stand there awkwardly. I know that I would get caught if I try to escape from the situation. I can never get away from three grown werewolves.

The two male wolves look at me with doubt before leaving me alone with the small red wolf.

Marcy walks towards me with her head low, maybe so she wouldn’t scare me. When she is finally in front of me, she yips and nods towards the woods. I look at her in confusion.

“Why don’t you shift into human so I can understand whatever you’re trying to say?” I ask almost sarcastically.

She rolls her eyes before nodding towards her torn clothes.

Oh. She’ll be naked.

“So you want me to go into the woods?” I guess, scratching my head.

She nods and pushes me with her head lightly towards the woods. I stumble a few steps forward, making her to make some sort of wolf laugh, which sounds like a choking cat.

I take a few steps into the woods with her following behind me. I walk slowly because I have no idea where to go.

Marcy lets out an annoyed wolf sigh and takes the lead instead. I catch up with her easily, going through the dark empty forest. A few minutes later, she abruptly comes to a stop and takes a set of clothes from a bush, in her mouth.

I’m impressed. Werewolves do know how to keep themselves prepared.  

I stand still as she hides behind a tree to shift. When she comes out, she’s wearing simple shorts and shirt.

“Come on,” she tells me, starting to lead the way again.

“Where are we going?” I ask.

She turns her face towards me to show me that she’s grinning. “Somewhere.”

I grumble in French under my breath about werewolves and their secrets. Marcy cracks a smile at my low words.

Great, now that I learn she speaks French too, I have to start speaking Latin so she wouldn’t understand me.

Jacques and I learnt to speak Latin when we were younger. We used to complain that everyone else can listen to our conversation so one day, Jacques propose that we learn Latin so we can speak secretly among ourselves. Jacques and I used to brag how we can speak Latin to our family during our childhood days. Over the years, Jacques and I prefer to speak English to each other but we speak Latin once in awhile.

Marcy pauses in her tracks. “We’re here.”

“And where’s here?” I ask with heavy sarcasm.

She steps aside to show me a huge looking house in the middle of the woods. The werewolf scent hit me hard, causing me to wrinkle my nose in disgust.

“You brought me to the werewolves’ main house?! Are you trying to kill me?” I yell at her.

She looks amused at my outburst. “I did say I’ll be there to protect your back. Just shut your traps and get your butt in there.”

I gloomily stalk towards the house; the werewolf smell is getting stronger at each step I take.

Itaque freni gutturis temperata,” I mutter. In Latin, it means 'I hate this'.

I take a quick look at Marcy to see her confused at my words. I can’t help but laugh at her face. She looks like a lost puppy. Wait, she is one.

Marcy growls at me, causing me to laugh harder. She pushes me towards the house.

There’s no turning back now.

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