Destined to Be

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They walked all the way to Eva's house, which was really a family house tucked off on a quiet street

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They walked all the way to Eva's house, which was really a family house tucked off on a quiet street. Although Eva had never been to Cora's house, and never would if Cora could help it, Cora had been over more than once. She'd even had dinner with the Morris family.

At the door, Eva pulled out her keys. "You're so lucky you have your own place," she said, shoving the key into the lock, and then shoving the door open.

"I don't have my own place," Cora said as she followed her inside. The hall was dark, except for a small glow of orange light from a bulb.

"I mean you don't have to share your space," said Eva. She said this under her voice in case her downstairs neighbor was home.

"How is Ms. Andrews?" Cora asked, skipping up the stairs after Eva whose longer legs allowed her to go up faster.

Ms. Andrews, Eva's neighbor, ran a tarot and palm reading business out of her apartment.

"Maybe we should have our palms read to see if you and Beau are destined to be."

They were in front of the door that led into the apartment. "Yeah," Cora said. They'd had their palms read before and hadn't gotten much from it. "Don't trust them, Cora," her mother had said when she'd told her she'd had her palm read. "Now, if you want someone to tell your future you know my friend Blythe is the real deal." This had made Cora roll her eyes because Blythe and her daughter Tilda were always so rude to her whenever they visited.

Inside, the Morris's house smelled like Mr. Morris's island cooking. Cora followed Eva down the long hallway to the kitchen where Mr. Morris was mixing a pot. In the next room, the TV blared with the news.

"Hey, Dad." Eva kissed her father's cheek.

He smiled as he raised the spoon to his lips and tasted his cooking. After which, he said, in a Caribbean accent, Mr. Morris was from Guadeloupe, "Hey, sweetheart. I see you've brought your friend over today. Did you guys have any trouble getting here?"

He always asked this. Brooklyn was a tough city. Who knows what could have happened on their long walk home. Cora waved. "Hey, Mr. Morris."

"No, Dad," Eva said in an exasperated way. "Come on," she said to Cora. Through the living room was a sliding door leading to Eva's bedroom.

Cora followed her through it. She set her bag down on Eva's twin bed and sat. Eva's room was a great extension of her. Two bookcases sat on a wall stuffed to the brim with books. Some books sat on her desk and on the dresser nearest Cora. Her walls had been painted to resemble the night sky, swirly dark blue with little white stars. She had posters from her favorite movies. Eva was a big fan of anime and Harry Potter. She also had a cute black cat named Trix who was currently curled up on her pillow.

Eva tossed her bag onto her bed and turned on her laptop. "You need to see this dress, Cora. It's what prom dresses are made of," she said as she pulled out her swivel chair. She twirled around in it facing Cora. "So," she slapped her thighs, "back to you and Beau."

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