Chapter 5:

Antony's P.O.V

"Listen...I'm sorry I unloaded my burden on to you..." I trailed off. I wasn't sure of what to say to Agnes. After I told her about my dad being killed by the same rogue, I just went silent...the memory of finding my father's torn remains that fateful's still very fresh in my mind, and still hurts as if it happened yesterday.

"You don't have anything to be sorry about, Antony. I just can't imagine how it must feel...losing your dad." She said shaking her head sadly as she grabbed the bags of potions and charms we bought in town. "All I know is...I would go totally nuts if someone killed any one of my parents...which we are trying to prevent as we speak." she carried on. We got out of the car and headed towards the school.

"Should we run so no one sees us skipping class today?" I asked and Agnes' face lit up into a wide grin! She nodded her head vigorously and we took off. To the human eye we were not even a blur... more like invisible. We ran like the wind. We reached Agnes' room in two minutes. We entered her room and she sat the bags down on her bed and started to pull the contents out of them, and I grabbed her hand and turned her towards me. She looked so beautiful, that I just wanted to kiss her endlessly. "What's wrong?" she asked with concern in her eyes.

"I want to show you something. I want to show you who I am and everything about me." I told her. "It's harder for me to tell you about my past, so I would rather you see it in my mind for yourself." I said, seeing concern be replaced with confusion, then excitement and uncertainty.

"A-are you sure?" she asked. "Because, you don't have to do this."

"I know I don't have to, I want to." I told her. "Now...I want you to see into my mind, and see everything about me." I said as I leaned forward til our foreheads were pressed up to each-other. Sparks immediately started reverberating through my body...making me want to pull her closer to me but I resisted. I really wanted her to see. "Just close your eyes and relax, and enter my mind." I whispered to her and she closed her eyes.

Agnes' P.O.V

As Antony grabbed my hand, I could feel the sparks travel up my arm and throughout my body, and as our foreheads pressed together, it was like an explosion. Like fireworks on the fourth of July! It was an amazing feeling. After I closed my eyes, the was a bright light that shined around us. It was blinding even with my eyes closed, and as soon as it happened, the light quickly started to fade away. I felt myself being drawn into his mind.

Finally fully entered into Antony's mind, it was almost like being in a movie theater. I saw him growing up as a small child, no older than two years old running around laughing with his brother and sister. Then when he was about three, his father informed the family that they had to move. 'The rogue has been spotted in Chile, and we have to go now.' His father informed them in his Alpha tone. They still weren't able to catch this rogue, and ended up moving to Panama.

His father was almost obsessed with catching this rogue. It caused him to distance himself from his family. I could sense loneliness within Antony's heart. He loved his father so much, it hurt. He would do anything to get his father's attention, but he kept pushing him away. It had been years since Antony's uncle was taken and killed, but his father couldn't seem to get over it. With Antony being so young he couldn't understand why his father would just walk away from him and hide himself in his office.

But what Antony didn't know, but somehow managed to log itself in his memory, was that his father would go into Antony's room and sit next to him and hug him and kiss his forehead. His father would just sit there and watch Antony sleep. He would say he was sorry he pushed him away and that he was sorry he didn't spend time with him and that one day he will understand and see why he did the things he did to protect him and his family. One day he would understand why they moved so much. But one day most importantly, the rogue will be dead and they will be a family again.

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