Chapter 10

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A/n I noticed an error that I made . each time I put kakish it turns to kakishi I'll go back for changes later Let's continue on....

Neji stepped up boldly. " that part is last , anyway metal introduce yourself ." Queen said as he walked up . " Hello youthful people!! I'm metal Lee son of rock Lee." He exclaimed .

Queens p.o.v

as I covered my ears slightly. " its obvious tho." Ten ten said as neji nodded . "where's that girl, eh? What's her name.....shebiki- Yeah shebiki where are you ." Queen asked as a girl popped up . " ohayo , I'm shebiki Aubrame . my dad name is shino and my mom name is Samui ." she said in a adorable making me aww and wipe a tear . "why are you crying . " pein asked. " Because my kids know have kids." I wiped more tears. " But their older than you." Hidan said . I turnt with a ' Boi if you dont-' look . " no der I'm only 20 ( this is one of my OC'S) they are like 29? 30? Oh well ."I shrugged . when Kakish began to speak "I'd like to introduce myself." He asked politely .

" oh , of courseee~" I cheered as he raised and eyebrow . " Anywho , my name is kakish Hatake . my dad is kakashi hatake and my mom name is shizune." He completed as Kakashi had ' bish whet?' look probably because he actually had a child making me snort . while she just hugged her future son .

"Okay I'm hungry , who up for ramen . " f-naruto asked as his children quickly said me first and than everyone else . " d-do we leave the akatsuki ?" Teen hinata stuttered. " dont worry hinata I'll protect you , believe it . "teen Naruto smiled as hinata blushed up a storm while Queen bite her lip for she won't scream a 'fuck yeah' .

" well we wouldnt want blood covering this arena , do we?" I said while turning towards the akatsuki with red eyes that had an orange and blue iris a wicked smile painted on my face

" well we wouldnt want blood covering this arena , do we?" I said while turning towards the akatsuki with red eyes that had an orange and blue iris a wicked smile painted on my face

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. "n-nope." Every Akatuski said . "goody." I turned with my eyes normal. " how did you do that , making go quiet just by looking at them . " boruto asked . " eh ?! You wouldn't want to know , haha." I smirked . "woah , konaha changed over the years. " sakura squealed. suddenly , a purple and bloody red portal opened and two figures came out. " oh cmon what now!!" Queen grumbled as two twins came out .

one had green skin the other had purple skin. " sheesh dont be so rude . " one grumbled . " kaykay and KitKat why are you here ??" Queen face palmed as they shrugged. " we hacked into your phone sis." KitKat smirked and her and Kay bro fisted . " who are these people ." boruto asked as the twins started looking around. " WAIT , DIS NARUDOOOO!!!" they screamed and started to do the naruto run ( you know how they run with there hands traveling behind them yeah .)

" Oi , calm down your embarrassing me ." I said as all of them were laughing. " oh , sorry how can you do this?" Kay asked . " eh ? I created a portal like you guys did but you stole my power to come here , bakas" Queen grumbled . " So introduce yourselves twins ." I said as they nodded . " well , I'm KitKat the oldest twin-" she was cut off by Kay. " I was going to be older but our mom had to get sea section." Kay said as KitKat rolled her eyes .

"Anyways I'm the oldest twin , and the most athletic-" I cut her off . " Stop lying." Queen said . " Anyways nice to meet y'all and if you guys here than the akautski must be here too." KitKat summoned as I nodded . " Okai , im Kay the youngest twin And I like pink and dbz ." she finished . " they look like you but why are they so colorful . " f-hinata raised her hand and asked As queen snorted . " its in the family my , grandpa is blue , and my mom changes color depending on her mood ." I laughed.

" you should see my other sister she looks exactly like me. " I stopped. " okay , why are you guys here anyway " I asked as they looked at each other. " mom wants you. " they said in unison . " oh meh gawd." I sighed and rubbed my forehead . " you guys ate coming with me because you guys get to into trouble a lot ." Queen pointed out . " And you guys go eat talk to each other whatever but kids who didnt get to introduce yet dont introduce yourselves yet ." she said and dive through the portal while saying " YEET!!!" .

"YEET!!" KitKat scream and did a canonball into the portal while Kay Kay starts doing backflips , front flips , cart wheels and into the portal she went with a , " YEET!!!!" .

"one question tho . " kiba said as everyone looked at him . " what is 'YEET'?" He question as everyone shrugged . And walked on

To be continued .....

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