Chapter Two

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I run to the spot I always go when I need to get away. I don't get to come here much because I am always so busy, but it's always nice to come. My spot that I use to come to so often is somewhat deep in the forest that surrounds us. But it's still close to the red river that our pack is named from. What people don't know is that our beloved river goes downstream to a little waterfall then carries into another pack. My spot is a half a mile from the border of our pack and a clearing which doesn't belong to anyone.

I lean against the tree and fall down. Ava. My imaginary friend is my twin sister? I just thought she was a figment of my imagination. Things do make more sense now, I guess. I pull my knees to my chest and bury my head into my knees. I can't stop the tears that continue to come from my eyes. I've always felt an empty feeling inside of me. I've never felt complete. I just thought that spot was meant to be filled by my mate. So I never thought anything of it besides it 's for my mate.

But now I know a part of me did die. We learned about twin wolfs in school. They have an unbreakable bond. Nothing like mates do, but still fairly strong. When one dies, the other twin never feels whole.

I look up and squeeze my eyes shut. Trying to picture the last time I saw Ava in my dreams. We look exactly the same besides the fact her hair is lighter than mine. I always loved that color f hair, which is why I thought I imagined her. I shake my head and open my eyes to find a faint figure in front of me.

I jump to my feet to see the young women approaching me. My heart clenches when it dawns on me that it's Ava. Usually, I would be wonder-struck to why she would be coming. Now I know. Because we're twins.

What am I even suppose to say?

"Aubrey," Ava says with a soft smile.

More tears run down my cheeks as she says my name.

"Don't cry for me, Aubrey. Sure this isn't what mom and dad had planned when they found out they were having twin girls. Hell, no one was expecting this outcome. But this kind of things happen. But I can't complain, I was still able to play with you and Ella. I was able to grow up with you. Then you believed your own lie and started to grow up. Now I only came to you once a month. But when you felt someone watching you, or see a glimpse of someone. Or even look into the mirror and for a second you see someone else, that's me." Ava says gently, never dropping her soft smile.

"It's not fair." I manage to whisper, tears still coming down my cheeks.

Ava laughs softly.

"Aubrey, up until an hour ago you had no idea that we were twins. You didn't think anything of it before, why should you now?" Ava asks.

"Because you've always meant so much more to me and I never knew why." I counter.

"Aubrey, it's life," Ava explains softly.

I let out a sigh knowing that she's right.

Ava reaches out and wipes the tears that are on my cheeks. A wave of hope courses through my body with her touch.

"How are-" I start.

"Able to touch you? Because you've always believed in me. Even when you stopped telling mom and dad about, deep down you still believed in me. Now you believe in me more than ever. If you remember, it's always been that way." Ava explains.

"Just like old time, huh?" I ask with a little chuckle.

"Yea," Ava says.

I let out a sigh and smile.

"Aubrey, you should get back. Mom and dad are not holding it together. Johnathon is out searching for you. They need you." Ava tells me softly.

"I know," I state, not wanting this moment to end.

I look up to see Ava no longer standing in front of me. Just like old times. I frown and start making my way back home. I look at my watch to see two hours have slipped away. Have I really been out here for that long?

"Aubrey?" I hear John yell. I look up to see him running towards me. Seconds later his arms are around my body and I am spinning. "You have no idea how worried we all have been. Where did you go?" John asks, his eyes looking directly into mine. "I was just walking in the forest," I tell him half truthful. I did walk in the forest, just not the entire two hours. John sighs and runs his fingers through his hair.

"We knew this would happen and that you would come back when you were ready. "John, what are you two doing out here?" The future Alpha himself asks, striding towards us. "Aubrey found some news out and took off on us. She was missing for two hours. We were all worried and we just found each other." John replies, confident. "Alright. Just wanted to make sure you two were okay." Alex responds with a nod. "Everything is fine, Alex. We're going home now," John replies. Alex nods and walks off.

"I've never liked him," I mumble as John and I start making our way home. "Why's that?" John questions. "Because he's always been a jerk towards me and other people. The only I've seen him somewhat nice to besides his parents is you." I explain. John chuckles, I roll my eyes at him. "We grew up together, Aub. We kinda just ran into each other when we were younger and hit it off. It's weird when you're two years older than your best friend, who is also the future Alpha." John chuckles, I smile slightly. "But you're also future Beta." I remind him.

"Now that was a fun conversation. Kevin's ma-" John starts.

"I know. She had a rare condition to where she couldn't have pups. Since you were so close and still are close to Alex, they decided to make you Beta. You've told us the story a hundred times already." I tell him, cutting him off.

"I know, I know. I am just still surprised by the whole thing." John says more to himself than to me. I roll my eyes as we walk up the steps. I open the door and immediately mom's arms around me, followed by dad's arms. "I am so glad that you're safe," Mom tells me, her voice sounding hoarse from the crying. "I am sorry, truly I am. I didn't realize how long I was gone." I tell them truthfully. "Honey, I know that this might be hard, but since we opened this folder, we're going to have to finish reading it and not set it off to the side," Dad tells us. I nod and follow them in the living.

Mom and dad sit across from me as John sits by my side, his hand again clutching mine. "I lost your sister, Aubrey. And now you're turning sixteen and that's when you get your wolf and able to find your mate. You can go and live with your mate if both parents on each side say it's fine. When you turn sixteen, I am going to lose my baby girl." Dad explains to me a soft tone and matter.

I stand up and walk over to my dad. I wrap my arms around him as if he's the only thing keeping me here on Earth. "Daddy, no matter what happens in the future, know that you'll never lose me. That I'll always be your baby girl no matter what." I whisper to him. My dad squeezes gently. "I love you too, baby girl," Dad whispers, causing my smile to grow even wider. "Who all knows about Ava passing?" I question softly. "Naturally our close friends. Word got around, so probably most adults here know about Ava." Mom replies, as she gently rubs my back. "So I am not the last one to find out?" I ask hopefully. "No." Mom replies, I nod. "Is the folder closed now?" I ask, not wanting to talk about it anymore. "Yes," Mom says, I nod again.

"Well, it's been a long night. I think I am going to try and get some sleep. I'll see you all in the morning." I say standing up. "Okay honey," Mom tells me as I give dad a hug and kiss. I do the same to mom then walk to John. "I'll come upstairs with you as well. I am exhausted." John says I nod. He quickly gives mom and dad a hug then walks with me up the stairs.

"Are you okay, Aubrey?" John asks as we sit on my bed in my room. "I will be. I always wondered why Ava grew up along with me. So many questions I had about Ava all got answered at once. It's all overwhelming." I tell him as I lay my head on his shoulder. "I know that it must be hard for, Aubrey. There are so many questions left unanswered when it comes to twins. Even more so for wolf twin pups." John states, wrapping an arm around my shoulder. "Thanks, John. For everything." I tell him sincerely. "Of course, Aub. Now get some sleep. You have school tomorrow." John replies, which only causes me to smile and roll my eyes.



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